Red, White & Royally Married - Chapter 4 - Animeshipper_22 - Red White & Royal Blue (2024)

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“What do you mean no,” Henry asks, raising an amused eyebrow. “Do you wanna hear it in Spanish,” Alex mumbles, throwing his pen at him.

“No, wait I need that back,” he says, reaching to grab the pen. Henry and his stupid three inches of height on him raises it out of his reach. Alex huffs, “You little —“

“Take a break, love,” Henry whispers softly. Alex frowns, “Henry. Come on. I’m almost done.” “And I’ve made dinner,” Henry counters. Alex gives him that look. “Okay,” Henry smiles, “June made dinner. I watched.” Alex laughs and reaches for the pen again. Once again, Henry holds it out of his reach.

“Okay, fine. You win. I’ll eat. Or whatever,” he mumbles. Henry’s smile softens, “I promise you can go back to work after you’ve had something to eat.” Alex smiles, “Yeah alright. But it’s only been a couple of hours.”

Which was an utter lie.

Alex has been busting his ass off since they got back from vacation.

Now, with the election less than a week away, he’s had maybe — that’s a big maybe — three hours of sleep. They take turns force feeding him, though, so he supposes it’s okay. To an extent.

Henry wasn’t originally set to fly in till the night of the election but after the eleventh call from June, he flew in. Much to Alex’s surprise.

When they arrived in the dining hall everyone was there.

“Dad,” Alex smiles, “What are you doing here?” “It’s a proper family dinner,” he replies. Alex’s smile widens and he grabs Henry’s hand. “Yeah.”

When they sit down, Ellen slides a folder to him. “What’s this,” Alex asks, letting Henry’s hand go to grab the folder. “Look at it, sugar,” is all she says.

Alex looked over at June and Nora. They had huge stupid smiles on their faces. He turned to Henry. He had a similar look.

Well if the three of them are excited that’s never a good sign.

He opened the folder.

The title page read: Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince (Firstprince) Wedding plans.

He squinted in suspicion and slowly turned the page.

Date: January First, twenty-one (01/01/2021)

Color Scheme: Red, White and Blue

Required Attire: One (1) tuxedo of your choice (does not have to match with color scheme)

Ceremony: Closed to public; may invite those welcomed

Officiant: Zahra Bankston

Alex looked up, “You can officiate weddings?” She smiled and flipped her hair over her shoulder, “I have many talents.”

Time: 13:00 CDT

Location: Austin, Texas

Alex’s head snapped up so fast he was half surprised it didn’t fly off. “What,” he squeaked out. He turned to his mom, “How?” She smiled and pointed to Henry, “It was all him, sugar.” Alex turned to Henry, “What — how?” “I told you I’d get you something. I hope your twelve percent was worth it, darling,” he says.

Alex snorts, and cups Henry’s face — his world — in his hands. “I love you so f*cking much, you little sh*t,” he whisperes and pulls Henry down so their kissing.

Alex has learned a lot of self control over the last few months — that’s a lie, he’s learned very little — so the kiss is short and sweet. They’re both smiling when he pulls away.

“The feeling is mutual, darling.”

It’s become sort of a thing between them. Because the feelings are mutual.

They always have been. It just might have taken Alex a few more years to figure it out than it did Henry, but still.

After breakfast, Alex makes out with Henry for a solid five minutes — he was not counting — before he moves back to his spreadsheets and projections. Henry glares at him for a few agonizing seconds that Alex considers going back over there. But no. He has plans.

He was on the floor the first two days, so Henry could have to bed to relax and lounge — and it’s so domestic Alex felt like crying the first time he saw Henry asleep, arm draped over where Alex should have been sleeping — but Henry moved him to the bed and took the couch.

Like Alex needed a distraction.

Henry has a book opened on his lap that he’s been reading since he got here.

He has a small bag full of books. He calls them comfort reads — which made Alex hug him for almost an hour straight when he first found out exactly what was in said bag — and takes them anywhere he’ll be for more than two days.

Alex is so in love with him it hurts.


Alex doesn’t even realize what time it is. But he’s startled out of his mind when Henry’s alarm goes off.

They have an interview today.

f*cking . . . f*ck sh*t.

He forgot about that.

Henry wakes up and rolls over, “Alex, love, come on.” Alex frowns. He doesn’t want to. But he needs to.

“Give me two hours of sleep before the interview. Please.”

Alex shuts the binder and tosses his shirt away and crawls into bed with Henry.

Those two hours of sleep come surprisingly fast to him. The second Henry pulls him to his chest and murmurs, “Goodnight, Alex.” He is gone.

Their suits for the interview aren’t matching, per say, but they were close enough for it to be cheesey. When Alex asked Zahra about it she shrugged and said, “I don’t know.”


Like she hasn’t been in charge of his outfits for the past three weeks.

“Then why is Henry’s almost exactly the same,” he asks. Zahra waved a dismissive hand, “You’re insane. His is at least three shades darker. If they were almost exactly the same, it’d only be a shade darker. Light colors don’t usually look good on pale people — and your boyfriend makes Casper look dark.”

Zahra’s eye for fashion makes Alex like her a little bit more. But it also irritates him a little bit more.

“I don’t like you,” he mumbled in response. “Fine by me.”


They arrive at the interview with one minute to spare, which makes Henry scramble to get ‘camera ready’ when the driver tells them there’s a traffic jam.

Alex grabs his wrists before the makeup brush can touch it. “Alex, what are you —“

“You don’t need makeup, sweetheart. You look perfectly fine right now.”

Henry frowns, “But you love me in makeup.” Alex smiles, “That’s true.” “And I have this pimple coming in in the middle of my forehead — because I didn’t wash my face one time.”

Alex smiles and kisses his forehead, “Let it f*cking shine, Hen. You’re only human. Though I do have to question that statement several times a day because of your f*cking —“

“Alright,” Henry interrupts, a small smile growing on his face, “Fine.” Alex’s smile widens and he kisses Henry. And if his mind could focus on more than one thing at the moment he’d probably do a lot more. Henry in a suit always does it for him. Which means it’s hard to do public appearances together.

They sat as close together as socially acceptable.

The interview starts off normal enough, with questions about the election and what exactly Henry plans to do to help. To which he responds, “I’m here to help in any way possible,” he grabs Alex's hand, “But also for moral support.”

Alex doesn’t care how in love he looks on camera.

The next question that gets asked catches him off guard. “What do you have to say about the rumors circulating around you and your moms campaign?”

Alex turns to her, “What rumors?” She looks mildly surprised and regretful. Like she didn’t want to be the one to break the news to him.

“The rumors . . . about you being bisexual?”

Alex’s mouth suddenly goes dry and it’s like all the air has been sucked from his lungs. He feels like his world just shrunk.

He can’t even feel Henry’s hand anymore.

“I’m sorry,” he squeaks out. Her frown deepens, “This morning, at 2:38 am there was an anonymous post to Reddit with recorded phone calls claiming that you’re bisexual.”

“I don’t —“

The door slams open.

“Interview is over. Cut the cameras immediately,” Zahra orders. She looks at Alex, “Let’s go.”

But he can’t move. He’s frozen in anxiety. “Alex,” Zahra says sternly. Henry’s hands are suddenly on his shoulders and pulling him to his feet. “Come on, love. Let’s go,” he whispers, practically dragging Alex out of the building in the softest way possible.

He faintly registers that Cash is keeping the reporters — so many reporters — at bay with Amy. Zahra is walking normally, but she and Henry are on opposite sides of him. Protecting him.

He doesn’t even register the ride back to the White House or when they arrive, or what was said between Henry and Zahra on the way home.

His ears are ringing.

Everything is spinning.


It’s so muffled Alex doesn’t even register it.


He blinks to try and clear his head, but it’s not working.


He jumps and snaps his head up. When did his sister get here?

When did he get here?

She reaches out for him and pulls him into a hug. Henry never lets go of his arms.

It’s keeping him grounded. In some way.

“Alex, there you are!”

His eyes slowly drag up from the ground to meet his mothers gaze. His arms fall from June and she slowly backs off.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers. The entire room is suddenly quiet. Alex can feel everyone looking at him.

“For what, honey,” Ellen asks quietly. “I just ruined your campaign,” he says shakily. Her features soften significantly, “Sugar, if I was worried about my campaign I wouldn’t be here right now. It’s not on my list of priorities right now.”

Alex swallows harshly.

“But —“

“Don’t argue with the president,” Zahra says. Alex manages to turn his head to look at her. She looks equally pissed and worried.

“But —“

“Or me.”

Alex nods reluctantly.

Henry pulls him to his chest and wraps his arms around his waist.

“Let them take control of the situation for a little bit, Alex,” he whispers. But it echoes off the walls of the quiet room.

Tears fill his eyes so fast and he chokes back a sob.

“Come on,” Henry whispers, gently guiding him to his room.

Alex is very animated — as Henry would say. He doesn’t know when to stop talking and he’s not entirely great at reading social cues he hasn’t been trained to notice (which is probably why he didn’t know Henry was gay before New Years).

But he hates crying — especially in front of people he cares about. People that know him.

People that know him.

If he ever does find himself crying in front of people he tries to be quiet because it's embarrassing enough as it is. When it comes from him anyway.

However, the second his door is shut and Henry has them on the bed he can’t find it in himself to care about being quiet. He’s with Henry. Henry won’t judge him for breaking down loudly (or at all, really, its happened several times).

Henry threads his fingers through Alex’s hair and slowly puts his head on his shoulder, slowly rubbing his back. “It’s okay, Alex. It’s just us now, love.” He whispers soothingly.

Alex can’t take it anymore.

He grabs Henrys obnoxiously royal blue (three shades darker, according to Zahra) jacket and pinches it aggressively between his fingers and begins to sob uncontrollably and very vocally into the crook of his neck.

Alex had come to accept his sexuality pretty much the moment he shoved Henry against the Linden tree at the prime minister's dinner. There’s a little voice in the back of his head that tells him to shut up because you’re crying too loud and no one cares.

Henry is a mind reader, though. Alex really should know this by now, but it still surprises him when Henry speaks up again. “Talk to me, Alex. I’ll listen no matter how ridiculous you think it might be.”

“Im not ashamed,” he croaks out, sniffling. “Ashamed of what,” Henry asks despite knowing exactly what Alex is talking about. “Of loving you”


Oh, okay so maybe he didn’t know exactly what Alex was talking about.

“Of being bisexual,” he adds a little more quietly. “I just . . .” he leans back and looks at Henry. Tears are flowing so freely down his face it looks almost natural — like he does this all the time. Perhaps he does and no one notices, Henry thinks to himself, bringing his hands up to gently cup Alex’s face in his hands and wipe away his tears.

“Do you remember when our engagement was first announced?”

Henry raises an eyebrow, confused, “Yes, I believe so. Was a little over a year ago.” “And you remember how we were named after a Taylor Swift song,” he asks. Henry tilts his head, even more confused, “Yes.” “Well you know her song — The Lucky One?”

Henry snorts. “I am aware. I was on vacation with your sister for a week.” A small smile draws on to Alex’s face, “You know the second verse?” “I do. Would you like me to start singing it to you,” he asks. Alex snorts, “No.”

His smile falls, “I just . . . There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I don’t like how it was just thrown out there, you know?”

That’s the thing — Henry does know. Henry knows exactly what Alex is going through. The only difference is that he was taught to be ashamed of it. Alex wasn’t.

“I do,” Henry says softly. “f*ck. This isn’t like . . . giving you PTSD is it? I am so stupid! I shouldn’t have —“

“Alex,” Henry interrupts, “Stop.” Alex’s mouth snaps shut. Henry smiles softly, “This isn’t about me.”

“Yeah, but —“

“No. No arguing. This is not about me. I am fine — the only reason I am not fine is because you are not fine, not because I’m getting PTSD.”

Alex takes a deep breath, “Are you sure?”



Alex is fiddling nervously with his ring — Henry’s father’s ring that is his f*cking engagement ring, he still can’t get over that — as he paces back and forth in the waiting room.

“Alex stop,” Nora groans, standing up abruptly and stopping Alex with her hands on his shoulders. “You can back out of this,” she says sternly, “There’s still time.”

There really isn’t, but she means well.

“I know,” he smiles nervously, “I’m just . . . scared doesn’t sound right.” “Anxious,” June asks, walking into the room. “Yeah, that works,” he mumbles. She offers him a reassuring smile, “You’ll be okay.”

“Yeah, thanks to you. You should write all my speeches,” he says. Her smile widens, “I am a fantastic writer, aren’t I?”

Alex frowns, “I just . . . really want Henry up there.” “I know,” Nora sighs, “But this speech isn’t about him. It’s about you. We’ll all be right off the side when you’re done. Promise.”

He takes another deep breath and nods, “Yeah, I know.”

There’s a knock on the door. “Three minutes, Mr. Claremont-Diaz!”

“Alright . . . I’ll see you after the show?”

“It’s a press briefing.”

“Same thing.”

Nora smacks his arm and smiles, “I despise you.” Alex laughs, “I know.”

He opens the door and the director behind the scenes guides him down a hallway, “Wait here. You’ll be called out in a few minutes.”

Alex nods, “Thanks.” The man smiles, “Of course. I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Claremont-Diaz.”

I’ll need it.

When the guy is gone, Alex turns around and starts to fiddle nervously with his ring again.

A few seconds later there’s a pair of arms wrapping around him. He immediately melts into the familiar embrace.

“How are you feeling,” Henry asks quietly. “If I puke, do you think they’ll call it off,” Alex says. Henry laughs quietly, “Probably.” “Great. Give me a minute.”

“Alex.” Henry’s arms slide off of him and he walks around to stand in front of him. He takes his face in his hands, “You’ll do absolutely wonderful, love. I guarantee you that.” Alex sighs and leans into Henry’s touch. “I love you,” Alex whispers. Henry smiles, “I love you, too.”

“Mr. Claremont-Diaz? It’s time.”

Henry kisses his forehead, “I’m right here.” Alex nods.

He walks on to the stage.

The crowd cheers.

For the first time ever, all the lights seem blinding and hot. He takes another deep breath when he stops behind the podium.

The crowd goes silent.

Alex sees them once his eyes have adjusted.

His throat goes dry.

So many flags.

Pink, blue, and purple flood the stadium.

He clears his throat to stop himself from crying and speaks up.

“Hello. My name is Alexander Gabriel Claremont-Daiz. I am twenty-three years old and I am your First Son. I play an active role in my mothers campaign. But that’s not why I am standing before you today. I am standing before you today because you all have heard the very private phone calls between me and my fiancé, Prince Henry of Wales.”

He balls his hands into fists behind the lift of the podium so the camera won’t see.

“Last year, we announced our engagement to the world. We announced it without any details. No one knew what had happened between us or why we kept it secret for so long. It was just us. It’s always been just us.”

Alex spares a glance to his right. Henry, Nora, and June are all smiling at him. They look proud.

Alex feels better.

“But the second those phone calls were leaked it wasn’t us anymore. I knew I was in love with Henry long before I put a label on myself.”

How June knew that — he has no idea.

“As I’m sure many of you have heard, coming to terms with my sexuality was difficult. But I am not ashamed to be bisexual. I will never be ashamed to be part of the LGBTQ+ community.”

He swallows and his voice and face go serious.

“Shortly after I met Henry, he was outed as well. Even if we were not close at the time, I still wish I could have been there for him. He has helped me so much. When we opened up to each other across the ocean about our past and our trauma, we were not expecting it to be publicly displayed for the whole world to see. We are humans too. We deserve privacy too. You are humans. You deserve privacy.”

Alex smiles a little nervously, “I was planning to come out to the public, but I wanted to do it on my own terms. In those phone calls you heard how hard it is to be a public figure and to be anything other than straight. But we have managed to pull through it because despite everything we know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being in love with each other. I love Henry Gorege Edward James Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor and I am not ashamed of it. I am not ashamed of any of it. I just wish I got to come out on my own terms — not the public’s.”

He pauses for a minute.

“But now that we’re here and now that I’m out for the world to see I just want to say one thing. I am bisexual and I am the First Son of the United States. And no one is ashamed of that — of me. I’m certainly not. And with that, I say: Let’s make some history, huh?”

Alex is done. He exhales shakily and closes his eyes. And he waits.

“We could make some!”

Alex’s eyes snap open and then the crowd is chanting: “We could make some!”

Alex smiles so wide it hurts.

“Thank you.”

And then he walks off stage. But the crowd continues to chant.

June pulls him into her arms the second he’s out of camera view and promptly squeals into his ear, “Alex, that was amazing!”

He smiles when she pulls away, “So you don’t think I’ve permanently destroyed moms chances at getting re-elected?” “Alex,” June pinches his cheeks, “Your speech was broad casted globally. The stadium is filled and outside is so packed the streets are stopped up. They came for you. She won’t lose.”

Alex nods stiffly, “Can you let go of my face now, Bug?” She smiles and drops her hands to her side, “We have to go anyway. So, you’re in luck.”

“Go? Where,” he asks. She winks, “It’s a surprise.” Alex groans and rolls his eyes, but follows secret service, June, and Nora out; Henry right beside of him.

He drapes his arm around Alex’s neck and kisses his temple, “I love you.” “What makes you say that,” Alex teases, turning his neck to kiss Henry’s shoulder. “Cause I wanted to. I always want to, actually,” Henry replies softly. Alex smiles and leans into Henry’s touch.

They climb into the back of the car, barely managing to avoid the reporters flowing in.

“Okay, where are we going,” he asks again. “No,” June replies instantly. Alex turns to Cash, “Where —“

“No,” Cash interrupts, a smile growing on his face. Alex huffs and crossed his arms, “You’re supposed to be my secret —“

“Leave Cash alone,” Nora cuts him off. “You all suck,” he mumbles under his breath.

The car ride takes a lot longer than originally predicted because the streets around the villa are f*cking packed.

Alex does not cry when he realizes why they’re here. But it’s a close call.

Henry puts his hands over his eyes before Alex can peek out of the window. Alex smacks his chest because he’s a little sh*t and he feels so much lighter than he did four days ago. Nora smacks him — at least he thinks it’s Nora — in return because Henry’s hands don’t leave his face.

“Thank you, Nora,” Henry smiles. “You’re welcome. Alex is a little sh*t and even if you put him in his place all the time — mainly behind closed doors — I can still help. Metaphorically of course. I’ve had his dick before and —“

“Okay,” June shouts, “That’s enough, Nora, I do not want to hear about my brother's ability in bed!” Nora and Alex laugh.

“I can give you a more updated version, if you like,” Henry says calmly. “f*ck yeah! I’m all ears!”

“Can we just go inside? I want this conversation to be over,” June whines. Henry laughs, “Alright. Let’s go.”

They manage to get Alex out of the car with Henry’s hands still covering his eyes — because everyone knows he would look the second he has the chance — with minimal injury and a lot of swears.

Alex still has no idea where they are. After living here for four years, he still needs a GPS to get anywhere because DC is so f*cking confusing.

He knows when they’re inside when the air conditioning hits him. November in DC is still so hot for some reason — which has nothing to do with the temperature and everything to do with the environment, but still.

Henry gently pulls him to a stop. “Okay, Henry, he can look now,” June says somewhere off to his left. Henry drops his hands; Alex never closed his eyes so he sees immediately what’s in front of him.

He gasps.

The room is covered in rainbow and small bisexual flags are decorating the centerpieces scattered along the long table where all his people are sitting. His mom, Leo, his dad, Bea, Pez. Everyone.

Above the table is a banner that reads: You’re here and you’re queer, so please go away.

Alex snorts and turns to Nora. “Did you seriously throw me a coming out party,” he asks. “What makes you think I did it?”

Alex raises his eyebrow and points to the banner. She sighs and smiles, “Yeah, I did. But for the record, Henry customized the banner, not me.” Alex turns to Henry, offended, “You’re an asshole.” Henry frowns and tilts his head, “So you don’t like the banner?” Alex smiles, “I f*cking love the banner. I’m putting it above my bed.” Henry smiles and Alex can see the slightest bit of tension leave his shoulders. He kisses him.

“Okay, stop making out with Henry in front of everyone,” Nora says dramatically. Alex flips her off and pulls away. “I hate you.”

“Come on, let’s eat,” Nora says, ignoring him because they both know that’s not true.

Alex sits beside his mom and in front of his dad; Henry sits beside him and in front of Pez.

That’s when Alex sees what’s in front of him.

“Chilli Con Carne,” he turns to Nora, “Marry me.” She frowns, “But you’re getting married in two months.” “I can get divorced,” he says immediately. Henry smacks his arm and Nora laughs. “Kidding,” he says, raising his hands up in defeat, “Kind of.” Henry smacks him again.

“Okay,” he laughs, “Okay.”

Henry gets at least seven bites in before Alex can see the flush spread over his face. “Are you okay,” he asks, genuinely concerned. Henry clears his throat and keeps his eyes solely on the bowl below him. “Yes. It’s just . . . quite a bit spicier than I had imagined.”

“Oh my God, you are so white!” Alex laughs, grabbing Henry’s shoulder.

Henry’s flush darkens.

Alex frowns and gently squeezes Henry’s shoulder, “Do you want some fruit loops?” Henry glares at him, “Shut up.” “I’m serious, Hen. I don’t want you to like . . . die,” Alex says. “I’m not going to die,” Henry says but it doesn’t sound like he believes it. Alex’s hand moves from his shoulder to touch one of his cheeks, “Your face is hot, sweetheart. Not that it's not always hot, but I mean temperature wise.” Henry smiles, “I’m fine.”

“I’m serious. I’ll have someone go pick up fruit loops — or any cereal of your choice — right now,” Alex says, reaching for his phone. “Alex,” Henry says, Alex stills and turns back to him, “I’m fine. I promise.”

Henry did manage to finish his bowl — after Alex ate the last half.

And then the alcohol got passed around. And they get drunk.

Several hours later, Alex and Henry stumble into Alex’s room.

They undress each other through laughs and kisses and stumble to his bed.

“I was serious, you know,” Alex whispers into the quiet. “About what,” Henry asks, sliding his fingers into Alex’s hair, scratching it gently. Alex let’s himself bask in the feeling for a moment.

Then he says, “About pretty much everything — but mainly the banner. When we move in together it will be above our bed.” Henry snorts, “And a Taylor Swift poster will be on our ceiling.”

Alex’s head shot up and he smiled, “Yes!” “That was sarcasm, love,” Henry says, but he’s smiling too. Alex shakes his head, “No. Too late. It will be her Lover album, just so you know. I’m sure June has one somewhere and if not I can ask her. I have her number somewhere on my phone.”

Henry laughs quietly, “I am in charge of decorating the living area then.” “Deal,” Alex says immediately. “You agreed to that way too fast,” Henry jokes. “You love me,” Alex counters, laying his head back on Henry’s chest. “I really do,” Henry mumbles into the dark curls of Alex’s hair. Warmth spread through Alex’s chest, “The feeling is mutual, sweetheart.”

Alex’s eyes focus back on the ring. “Henry . . . I . . . Thank you.”

“For what,” Henry asks. “This ring. I feel like I haven’t properly expressed how much this means to me. I mean it was your dads and you’re giving it to me?” He leans back once again and stares down at Henry, “This might sound a little insane but . . . This feeling . . . It’s more than love. It’s forever.”

Alex sees Henry’s eyes fill with tears and he smiles. “I’m supposed to be the poet,” he mumbles. Alex laughs quietly, “I mean it, Hen.” Henry smiles and pulls him down to kiss him softly, sweetly.

It feels like forever.

“Goodnight, Alex,” he whispers when he pulls away. Alex would normally feel hurt at being blown off to a confession like that (probably, he’s never felt like this before — so he’s never confessed such things) but he knows Henry, so it’s okay.

“Goodnight, Henry.”

When Alex’s head is back on Henry’s chest and his eyelids start to grow heavy, he has a sudden realization — Henry doesn’t have a ring.

He has to fix that.


“Do you have plans for today,” Alex asks, bursting open Junes' door. “Well, I did have —“

“Cancel it,” he interrupts. She raises an eyebrow, “Are you dying?” “Mentally or physically,” he asks. “I have my answer. What’s wrong,” she asks, standing up and walking over to her closet.

“I’m going ring shopping,” he replies. June still for a second and slowly turns to him, a huge smile on her face, “It’s about damn time, Alex! Give me two minutes! Is Nora coming?”

“I, uh, kind of wanted this to be an us thing. Bea is coming, though. I feel like it’s only fair,” he mumbles. Junes' face softens, “Yeah, of course. Where is she?” “In the car. Waiting,” he replies. June nods and quickly pulls on her shoes.

Bea has a huge smile on her face when they climb in the car. “I have to ask, Alex, do you have an idea of what you’re looking for?”

“No,” he whines, “I have no idea! I want something like . . . just Henry.” “That’s very unhelpful,” June mumbles. “I know. Just . . . something special,” he sighs.

He turns to Bea, “Gold or silver.” “Henry hates Gold jewelry. It reminds him of his crown,” she says immediately. “He has a physical crown,” Alex asks. She nods, “He never wears it, though. He hates it. He was supposed to wear it to Pip’s wedding but didn’t. Gran was not happy about that.”

Which was probably for the best or Alex’s sexuality crisis might have been moved up a couple of months.

“Is she ever happy about anything,” Alex asks. “No, not really,” Bea cringes, “Especially with Henry. I hate to say this, but he’s the disappointment in her eyes. We both are, I suppose. But she’s always . . . It’s always been different with Henry for some reason. I’ve never really known why.”

“Henry’s is f*cking amazing,” he huffs, crossing his arms. She smiles, “I agree.” “I’d like to give her a piece of my f*cking mind,” he spits. “Well, she’s not the Queen anymore, so . . . you might not die,” Bea laughs. Alex smiles, “I like those odds.”

“Oh, oh, I wanna be there to see that,” June smiles. “Deal.”

They visit at least three different jewelry stores before something catches Alex’s eye.

It’s just . . . wow.

It’s Henry.

It’s a silver ring; the top half is thick and there’s a little square where the smallest of diamonds is embedded. It’s subtle and not just out there. It’s Henry.

Alex can’t stop looking at it.

He’s imagining it on Henry’s hand. He’s imagining getting down on one knee and —

Okay, so maybe he doesn’t need to do that much, but he’s always been an overachiever.

“You okay,” June asks quietly. “Yeah,” Alex sighs, not taking his eyes off the ring. “Is that it? Is that the one,” she asks. “Yeah,” Alex says again.

June smiles and waves over the woman behind the counter, “Hi, could we look at that one, please?” “Yeah, of course,” the woman smiles. She unlocks the glass and gets the ring out. She slides it to Alex. His eyes don’t leave it.

“Can I look at it closer,” he asks. “Yessir.”

He gently takes the ring out of the box and pinches it between his fingers.

Yeah, this is the one.

He put it back in the box and smiled up at her, “I want it. Will you just give a minute?” She nods, “Of course.” She closes the box and takes it into her hands.

He takes a few steps back.

“What’s wrong,” Bea asks, walking up behind him. He turns to her, “What’s Henry’s ring size?” She hums, “I believe his ring finger is an eleven.” “Great, yeah, great.”

That was the size of the ring anyways.

He walks over to the register and pulls out his wallet.

“Is that it,” the saleswoman asks. He nods, “I think so.” She types something into the register and looks up at him, “Two-fifty-eight even.” Alex raises an eyebrow, “Isn’t it —“

“Election deals,” she smiles. “Oh,” he sighs and returns the smiles, “Okay, great.” He slides in his card, waits a few seconds for it to say ‘approved’ then slides it back out. “Would you like a bag,” she asks, ripping the receipt from the printer. “No thank you,” he replies.

She hands him the ring and the receipt, “Here you are. Have a good day, Mr. Claremont-Diaz.” “Thank you,” he looks at her name tag, “Katie. It was lovely to meet you.” Her smile widens and she waves him off.

“So . . . What’s your plan exactly,” June asks once they’re on their way back to the White House. “To not puke when I do it,” he says.

June laughs, “That’s not what I meant, dickface.” He smiles up at her, “I don’t know honestly. I have this image in my head — getting down on one knee where it’s just the two of us. And a speech. Want to write it for me, Bug?”


“Henry would love it even if you did puke, Alex. Not as much, though, I’ll say that. But it’s you. He’d give you the moon and the stars if you asked — I should know he’s told me that several times,” Bea mumbles. Alex smiles so wide it hurts.


“You’re acting weird,” Henry mumbles. Alex turns to him and tilts his head in mock confusion, “Have you met me? That’s the only word to describe me.” Henry smiles and returns his expression, “Is it now? Then I must have a much broader vocabulary than Americans.”

“Hey, f*ck you,” Alex laughs.

Henry’s smile widenes, “I can think of much more proper words for you. Comely, droll, astute —“

“Okay,” Alex says, interrupting Henry before he starts a reaction Alex cannot have right now. He wants it more than anything but he can’t do it because he is pathologically incapable of shutting up during sex — sex with Henry — and he’s going to ruin the surprise before he’s had a chance to really plan it.

“You’re blushing,” Henry mumbles. “I hate you,” Alex spits back. Henry smiles fondly at him, “I know.”

Alex goes back to the projections — because the election is tomorrow and it keeps his mind busy — and Henry eventually goes back to his book.

When Alex is once again dragged away to dinner he realizes in the midst of throwing Pepperoni at Nora — because she deserves it for calling him a quote: ‘short stack that can’t top because of his height not his physical abilities’ — that Henry is leaving after the election tomorrow.

He knew that, sure, but it didn’t really click till the greasy meat slid down Nora’s forehead.

He has to do it soon.


He’s not prepared.

After dinner, they dress in loose pajama bottoms — because they’re not total barbarians — and Alex lets Henry crawl into his bed. Alex kisses his forehead, “I’ll be right back, Hen.” Henry tilts his head, “Is everything okay?” “Everything is perfect, sweetheart, I just need to talk to June really quickly. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” he replies immediately. Henry doesn't look like he completely believes him, but he nods and lets Alex go anyway.

Alex kisses Henry again before he leaves.

He knocks on June's door. He doesn’t get a response.

He knocks again.


No response.

“Alright, I'm coming in!”

He opens the door slowly and peaks his head in. “June,” he asks. Her head snaps up and so does Nora’s.

They’re sitting on her bed with laptops and papers scattered all over the place.

“Am I interrupting some weird roleplay,” he jokes, walking in and shutting the door behind him.

“Alex,” Nora says seriously. Alex stiffens and walks over to them, “What’s up?”

They share a look. “Come on, I'm not made of paper,” he jokes, sitting on the edge of June's bed so he doesn’t wrinkle the papers. “Alex . . . I’ve been looking into the whole phone call recording and leaks. They didn’t come from Richard's campaign like we originally thought,” Nora says.

“Okay so some anonymous asshole —“

“It came from moms campaign, June interrupts. “What,” Alex asks, genuinely confused; like he didn’t hear that right.

There is no way he heard that right.

“Someone from Ellen’s campaign recorded your private phone calls and then leaked them to Reddit,” Nora clarifies. Not that Alex really needed the clarification, but still.

“Who,” he asks, his confusion replaced by anger. Nora shakes her head and frowns, “I don’t know. I can’t figure that out. I’ve tried everything, Alex. Everything. All I got is that it came from her campaign building. I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you, but I wanted it to be good news.”

He groans and falls face first into the scattered papers. “It doesn’t matter anyway,” he sighs, defeated.

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter, Alex? This random jackass practically turned your world upside down and your just what — okay with it?”

Alex shoots up and glares at his sister, “Of course I’m not okay with it, June! But the election is tomorrow — tomorrow. It won’t matter who it was after that. There’s no point in fighting with an enemy when we don’t know who it is!”

June swallows harshly and balls her hands into fists on her lap, “So they can ruin your life and just get away with it?”

“Yeah,” Alex stands up, “I guess that’s exactly what’s happening.”

“Alex —“ Nora tries, but Alex doesn’t pay any mind to her.

“I’m not okay with it. I will never be okay with what I went through. But I went through it. Not you. You have no right to try to tell me what to do. It’s over. It means nothing to the public anymore.”

Alex doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. June knows that. He thinks the conversation is over. It’s what they do.

“But it means something to you! You said it yourself! Who gives a f*ck what the public thinks, Alex? This isn’t about them! For once would you just understand that you have f*cking feelings too!”

Alex stills.

June shakes her head, “I know we don’t talk about it, but we need to. You’re not okay and I think you need to understand it’s okay to feel like that. Yeah, we depend on you; you’re smart and so f*cking brilliant — but you’re also f*cking human. You’re allowed to not be okay. You’re allowed to be irate. You’re allowed to break down. It hurts no one around you. It doesn’t inconvenience a single atom in anyone’s body if you have an off day — week, or year. All we want to do is help.”

Tears sting Alex’s eyelids.

“I love you, Alex. You’re my little brother. It doesn’t have to be me, but cry on someone’s shoulder. Please.

His immediate thought is Henry. But he knows that’s not what she means.

Alex has had plenty of break downs over the past year. But he does his best to make them short and get them over with because he can’t afford much else.

She’s telling him he doesn’t have to do that.

Logically, he knows that.

But the little voice in his head always telling him that he can’t afford to.

He swallows the lump in his throat and takes tiny steps back to his sister.

For the first time in twenty-three years, Alex pushes that voice away and collapses into his sisters opens arms.

Despite everything that has been going on in his life over the past year, he’s never cried so hard in his life.

He doesn’t make it back to Henry.

It’s a quarter till five in the morning before Alex falls asleep with tears on his cheeks.


He wakes up a little over an hour later and goes to get out of bed but stops before his feet touch the ground.

Henry is passed out on the floor next to June's bed.

Alex’s heart melts. He doesn’t know when or why that happened, but he’s happy he woke up with Henry beside of him.

June's face is in her pillow, snoring (which she only does when she’s exhausted); Nora is hunched over her papers, drooling (which she does all the time); Henry is sleeping on the cold floor without so much as a blanket.

Alex knows he could live the rest of his life in peace if these three people were by his side.

The door bursts open.

Henry, June, and Nora snap upright, startled.

“There you little sh*ts are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. We have to be at the airstrip within the hour. Chop-chop!”

“sh*t, sh*t, sh*t,” Nora mumbles, standing up. Her foot gets caught in the blanket and she goes falling forward; somehow managing to still land on the bed.

“Your bags are packed and in the car, let’s go,” Zahra groans. Alex helps Henry off the floor and June successfully rolls Nora off the bed.

“Are you okay,” Henry whispers. Alex smiles and nods, “Yeah.”

He realizes that he actually means it. He is okay. It’s been a long time since he’s felt like this.

“I mean I’m nervous as hell for the election, but yeah,” he shrugs, kissing Henry’s cheek. Henry smiles and nods.

He grabs Alex’s hand and gently drags him back to his room.

They change at a respectable distance (right next to each other) and Alex lets Henry leave. “You not coming,” he asks. “I’ll be right behind you, I swear,” Alex smiles. Henry’s eyebrows knit together in confusion, “Are you sure you’re okay?” Alex smiles, “Yeah. Two seconds.” Henry nods, nervously tugging on the cliff of his sleeve and lets Alex disappear back into the room.

Alex scrambles to grab the box and stuff it in his pocket.

They manage to make it on the airplane and take off without Zahra ripping their heads from their bodies.

(It’s an accomplishment.)

It’s rare that all of Alex’s family is on one plane together, let alone everyone plus Henry and his family. It feels nice.

When they’re excused to stand Alex practically fights Nora for the bathroom — he does manage to win by licking her palm, so it’s a win — and he locks the door behind himself. He feels around in his pocket and instantly calms down when he feels the ring.

He takes it out gently and opens the box. He can’t stop looking at it. He can’t stop imagining Henry wearing it.

“Alex, unless you’re taking a massive sh*t in there, get out! I gotta piss and you cheated,” Nora shouts from behind the door. “You should’ve gone before we left,” he counters — internally scolding himself for sounding like his mom pre-politics. “You could have, too, if you weren’t too busy making out with your fiancé,” she counters.

“We weren’t making out —“

“If you have time to talk you have time to get out!”

Alex huffs, unlocks the door, and pulls her into the bathroom.

“Alex what the —“

“Shh,” he says, putting a finger to his lips, “I wanted a space to be alone for a minute. In case you haven’t noticed the plane is packed.” Nora raises an eyebrow, “Are you dying? Committing treason!”

“Don’t yell that on the president's private jet,” he snaps quietly. Nora laughs, “Relax, if they thought you were a threat you would’ve been pinned down ten seconds ago. What’s up? Because I really have to pee.”

Alex glares at her and slowly brings out the ring again. Nora stares at it, wide-eyed. “I’m flattered, but I’m really more infatuated with your sister —“

“First off, no. Second off, congratulations it’s about time,” he says, feeling a little more relieved now that Nora does know. “What do you mean congratulations,” Nora asks. Alex scoffs and slides the ring back in his pocket, “I mean you’ve been in love with June since the moment you two met.” She raises her eyebrow again, “And yet you still asked me out?” “You said yes,” he shrugged. She smiles, “Fair enough.”

“When do you plan on doing it,” she asks. “I don’t know. That’s why I needed a place to think. My safe space is thousands of miles away.”

“More like right outside that door waiting for your Latino-White ass to get back out there,” Nora says, gesturing behind her. Alex smiles, “Okay, fair. But that doesn’t help anything. He’s leaving early tomorrow morning. And with the election there’s just no time.” Nora shoved past his shoulder, “Can I pee? We can discuss this in about thirty seconds.” Alex cringes and nods, “Yeah. I’ll wait outside.” He opens the door and slides out.

Henry looks up from his book — Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban; Alex copy — and gives him a weird look. A look that silently asks: ‘are you okay?’ without Henry so much as moving his pupils. Alex offers him a smile and nods, ‘yeah.’

Henry returns the smile and goes back to Alex’s comfort read.

There are two gentle knocks from the other side of the door and Alex slips back in the bathroom. Nora immediately flicks water into his eyes.

“So, ring . . . plan,” she asks, reaching for the towel to dry her hands as Alex wipes his face off. “Yeah. I still need one of those. And a speech. And basically everything except the ring,” he mumbles. Nora hums and turns around, hoisting herself onto the sink.

“I’m assuming you don’t want it to be public,” she says, picking at her nails. “Henry’s had his whole life exposed publicly. He doesn’t deserve to have this as part of that. It’s just for us,” he responds almost immediately. Nora smiles softly at him, “You and your stupidly big heart. Okay — so, theoretically you could do it now. There are no cameras, no nothing. It’s just us.”

“Us as in . . . you know, us — me and Henry kind of us,” he whispers. Nora’s eyebrows furrowed in concentration, trying to think of something. After a few long seconds, her eyebrows shoot up in surprise and Alex swears he sees an actual lightbulb above her head.

“Do you remember what you gave June two years ago after that really bad break up with f*ck-face?”

Alex doesn’t really remember that day. He just remembers punching the guy.

“No,” he says, confused. Nora sighs, “Your necklace? You gave it to her because she wanted a part of you to protect her at all times; even if she didn't directly say that? Ring a bell now, genius?” “Yeah,” he whispers, his memory suddenly very vivid of holding a crying, broken June in the back of an alley where they were only protected by shadows (bad time to ditch secret service, really).

Her relationship with who-gives-a-f*ck was emotionally abusive for her. Only after Alex and Nora cornered her with their realization did she break it off with him. He didn’t like it. A fist was raised. Alex was called long before June ever told her bodyguards about it — hence Alex’s vivid memory of punching him.

Alex carried her out the back way because she practically begged him to not let their secret service know about this yet. She wasn’t ready for the world to see her this broken — those where her whispered words as Alex carried her down the fire exit. That was the exact moment Alex decided he was never going to let his sister experience any kind of hurt again (that was also when their relationship with their mom took a more dark turn — she never found out about that night).

They collapsed in the shadows of the fire exit and Alex slid off his necklace and hung it around June — ‘I’ll always protect you, Bug. Even if it’s in spirit.’ ‘But, Alex this is really important to you.’ ‘You’re more important. You will always be more important. I promise. I love you.’ — and he hasn’t touched it since.

“Okay, so what about it,” he asked, confused. She gently smacks him in the back of the head like the idea is so obvious. “It’s the key to your old house in Austin. Guess where we’ll be tonight?”

Nora’s smack did jolt something in him, “Are you seriously suggesting I propose to Henry at my childhood home?” Nora raises her eyebrow again (she does it a lot when she’s annoyed), “You have a better idea?” Alex opens and closes his mouth several times, trying to think of something. But he can’t.

“That’s Junes' necklace now, not mine. It would be wrong to take away something that I know gives her comfort and helps her feel safe. Especially not on election night,” he argues anyway. Nora sighs frustratedly and rolls her eyes. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her keys. “Jesus, your soft hearted little,” she breaks off her thought as she yanks a key off of a ring and slams it into his chest, “Don’t lose that.”

“You made a copy of my key,” he asks, opening his palm for it to fall into. “No. That’s my copy of the key from forever ago. You’re not the only one that has good memories in that house,” she says, putting her keys back in her pocket. Alex smiles softly, “And I’m soft hearted?” She rolls her eyes again, “Whatever. You have a plan now. Can we go? It’s getting hot in here with your inflated ego filling up half the f*cking room.”

“A plan, yes. A speech, no.”

“You don’t need a speech. Just speak from the heart because your mind clearly isn’t functioning properly right now,” she says. Alex laughs quietly and pulls her into a hug. “Thank you Nora.”

“Anything for my favorite Claremont-Diaz.”

“I’m quoting you on that.”

“I will deny it all.”


Alex can’t think.

There is so much red on the TV screen that when he looks at it for more than half a second at a time, he starts seeing red.

He’s pacing everywhere, mumbling to himself. Henry offers support and comfort, but Alex can’t really focus on him right now so it’s not much help — but it’s help Alex appreciates nonetheless. Henry follows him practically everywhere he goes. He really is taking his moral support role seriously.

Alex is looking for his mom when the sound goes off and he turns to the TV to see that yet another state is red.

“Does that mean . . .” June trails off beside him. “Whoever has Texas wins the election,” Nora finishes.

Alex groans and turns on his heel, intending to find his mom, when he bumps into somebody. “sh*t man I’m sorry —“ he looks up, “Liam?”

“Alex,” he smiles, “There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you, dude.” Alex feels himself smile too, “It’s been so long. I didn’t think you would show.” “I got a personalized invite from the Alex Claremont-Diaz. People say no to those?”

Alex feels himself relax slightly, “You’d be surprised. Oh — Liam this is Henry, I’m sure you know him. Henry, this is Liam, my highschool best friend.” Henry extends his hand, “Nice to meet you, Liam.” They shake hands.

“You too, your Royal Highness.”

“Alex, there’s someone I’d like you to meet, too,” Liam stands on the tips of his toes and scans the crowd. When he finds who he’s looking for, he raises his hand and signals for them to come over. A few seconds later and a polite-looking gentleman comes shoving his way through the crowd and stops by Liam. He kisses his cheek. Alex smiles and leans his head to rest on Henry’s shoulder.

“Alex, Your Royal Highness —“

“Just Henry. Please.”

Liam raises an eyebrow and looks at Alex. “Yeah, the only time he likes titles is when —“

June slaps a hand over his mouth, “Shut up right now.” Alex smiles behind her palm. “June! And Nora! I didn’t see you two there, sorry,” Liam apologizes. Nora gasps dramatically and smiles, “I am such an exquisite person. How could you miss such a face?” Alex lowers Junes wrist, “Mines better.”

“Anyways,” June interrupts loudly so they don’t start bickering, “You were saying something, Liam.” Liam smiles softly, “It’s nice to be together again — but yes. All of you, this is my boyfriend, Spencer. Spencer meet . . . All of them.” Spencer smiles, “It’s wonderful to meet you all. Liam tells me of fond memories.”

Alex looks at him and raises an eyebrow — ‘our fond memories?’ — Liam rolls his eyes and shakes his head — ‘no, asshole’.

“Mr. and Ms. Claremont-Diaz, I’ve been looking for you!”

Reunion over.

“Duty calls,” Alex mumbles. He cranes his head back and kisses the underside of Henry’s jaw, “See you later. It was nice to meet you Spencer.”

The interview is short because everyone is on edge and the second it’s over, Alex and June meet Henry and Nora with their mom.

“And I want to — June! I have a very important question,” Ellen smiles. June raises an eyebrow and points to herself, “Me?” “Yes, you. I heard you wrote Alex’s speech and I’ve been keeping up to date with your journals and reports. And I,” Ellen looks down at her clenched hands for a moment before her eyes meet Junes again, “I was wondering if you think you have enough time to write my concession speech.”

Alex feels an overwhelming sense of pride for her — June finally getting the recognition from their mom she’s needed for years.

It takes a few seconds for him to really register what she said.

It happens at the same time for both of them. “What,” they shout in unison. Alex has to sometimes wonder if they’re not actually twins because of how in sync they can be sometimes — it would make sense their parents said something so they didn’t have to put up with a two-party system for them on their birthdays.

“It’s just in case. I didn’t exactly come prepared and —“

“No,” June takes long strides and practically slams her hands on her mothers shoulders, “I am not writing you a concession speech because you’re not going to f*cking lose. You hear me? The second that Texas’ votes come in the screen will light up with LBJ lake blue and you will have another country to protect for four years.”

Ellen looks insanely proud and a minor bit concerned — like she doesn’t believe that but she’s proud of June for saying something about it.

“Are you sure,” she asks. “I’m so f*cking sure I’ll bet Alex’s f*cking marriage on it,” she says instantly. “Hey,” Alex and Henry say, a huge smile on their faces. Ellen sighs and smiles, “Alright. Will you review my winning speech then?” June smiles and sits back on the table, reaching for the file, “I can do that.”

Alex moves over and sits between Bea and Henry. He nudges her side and gestures to his pocket. A huge smile instantly grows on her face, “Tonight?” He nods, “Yeah.”

A few minutes later, Zahra bursts open the door, “My contact just called. They’re about to call Texas.” Everyone is up and out of the room before Zahra can even finish.

They gather together in front of the impossibly bright TV and stare at it like wide-eyed children.

The screen changes and the newscaster comes back on, “As you can see the race is nearly tied right now. Ellen Claremont is only up by .02%. Texas will decided who wins and —“

The reporter pauses and presses his fingers to his ear piece so he can hear better.

The screen changes again to the map and he starts speaking again, “This just in, the votes for Texas are officially counted.”

Texas is gray for a few more seconds (more like hours) before the state erupts in a beautiful shade of blue.

The crowd goes insane.

“Congratulations President Claremont on another four years.”

Zahra kisses Shaan — which Alex will so interrogate her about later — Nora kisses June and Alex finds Henry’s stupid yellow rose-patterned tie and kisses him too.

“You did it,” Henry whispers when they pull away. “You bet your perfect ass we did. And it’s all thanks to you and your obnoxiously cheesy tie.” Henry laughs.

The crowd starts chanting for her speech and Alex sees reporters and camera crews forcing their way through the crowd.

“Come on, kiddo,” Ellen is shouting over the crowd. She grabs Leo’s wrist and Junes with her other. June grabs Nora; Nora grabs Alex; Alex grabs Henry. They make their way onto stage.

Ellen gives her speech. Alex takes Henry’s hand and keeps his eyes on his moms smile the whole time.

He’s proud of her.

Alex knows when the speech is over because he was looking over Junes shoulder while she was proof reading it, so it’s a surprise she keeps talking after she’s supposed to be done. She’s never done that before.

Alex and June exchange a look of confusion.

“My speech is technically over. I’ve said everything to my country that needs to be said, but now I would like to properly take a moment to thank the people that have helped me get here,” she turns and tugs on Alex’s and June’s wrist, pulling them on either side of her, “My kids have been through a lot over the past four years. Yet despite every obstacle they’ve always come back and supported me. I would not have been able to make it this far without them here.”

The crowd is silent for a second longer and then they erupt into claps and cheers once more. Cameras are flashing at every single angle imaginable.

Alex is f*cking estatic it doesn’t bother him anymore.

They all shuffle off stage and back into the crowd eventually.

Alex and Henry meet up with Liam and Henry again.

“I’m proud of you, dude,” Liam smiles. Alex returns the smile, “Thanks. Hey, super weird question to ask, but how did you get here?” Liam raises an eyebrow, “We rode bikes. It’s Texas, Alex.” Alex’s smile widens, “No f*cking sh*t. Can we borrow them?” Liam looks even more confused and turns to Spencer. They have a silent conversation and then Liam is looking back at Alex.

“Have at it, dude.”

“Great,” Alex smiles, grabbing Henry’s hand, “Text me the bill.” “I want a six pack thrown into that,” Liam calls after him as Alex drags Henry backwards. “I’ll make it two,” he shouts back.

Once they’re outside Alex lets the cool Texas air back into his lungs. He breathes.

He’s home.

“What is your plan exactly,” Henry asks. Alex turns to him and smirks, “You do know how to ride a bike, right?” “Of course I do. I know how to ride a horse, too. Amongst . . . other things,” Henry says, dragging his eyes up and down Alex’s body.

He is not at all opposed to the idea, but right now he has a plan.

“Give me half an hour and we can make your dreams a reality,” Alex says, walking over to Liam’s and — what he presumes to be — Spencer’s bike.

“Just don’t faceplant and follow me,” he says, stretching his leg over the bike and sitting down. “Ditching your private officers is rebellious even for you,” Henry says, but he is also climbing on the bike. Alex looks at him and smiles, “You're ditching yours too.”


Alex starts to pedal and Henry is quick to follow him. “Besides, Nora knows where I am. In case of emergencies of course.”

Henry rolls his eyes fondly but he follows Alex anyway.

He always will.

Red, White & Royally Married - Chapter 4 - Animeshipper_22 - Red White & Royal Blue (2024)


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