Printable Polar Express Tickets (2024)

by Jess - Holidays, Printables - November 13, 2017December 13, 2017

Originally posted December of 2012 at the old site! This is one of my most popular post this time of year so I thought it needed a face lift! Below you will find the old tickets with the original post AND a new one! Both blank and with words! Just pick which one fits your needs!

Printable Polar Express Tickets (2)(December 2010) Last Saturday was our Christmas Party at our church. It was a super awesome breakfast with a Polar Express Theme! I signed up to bring cinnamon rolls, which was crazy because I have never had a pan turn out. I was determined and it paid off! Perfect cinnamon rolls just like my hubby’s mom makes! He was very pleased. After everyone had breakfast there was a Polar Express movie and a beautiful choir and then…. Santa! Which was played by my awesome hubby (he worked off the cinnamon rolls he ate in sweat in that gigantic suit…) I was his elf so I didn’t take any pictures. Hopefully I can get some from the millions that were taken soon! Don’t worry… I will share.

Anyways, the kids were rotated from seeing Santa to taking rides on the POLAR EXPRESS! Our group had made a float for the town Christmas Parade and all the kids got to ride around on a Polar Express Train Car! But… before riding the Polar Express an iconic ticket was needed for boarding! Here is where they enlisted my help. They printed invitations that were on plain paper and were printed in color and… of course nobody would remember to bring them. Last minute I was asked to create a smaller ticket the kids could keep!

I figured I could find an image on google, print in gray on gold colored cardstock and call it good! But… I wanted it to print front and back. I wanted about 6 to a page and I wanted it black and white! Nada. Nothing met my criteria! So… I made one!

Once you download you should be able to print page on a couple times on gold cardstock, flip and then print page 2 on the other side! Mine ended up lining up perfectly!

Printable Polar Express Tickets (3)

(This is the back of the tickets, but… look how pretty!)

My secret ingredient… Glittery hairspray after printing! It gave the tickets an added flavor! They were perfect! You should be able to find it in the party favor isle at Walmart.

CLICK HERE to download the OLD BELIEVE TICKET! (hole punches)
CLICK HERE to download the OLD BLANK TICKET! (no hole punches)

Printable Polar Express Tickets (5)And.. I couldn’t leave you with just the old ticket could I! The new ticket has a few more added details. And… The new tickets have words from ALL the kids tickets in the movie! I thought that was neat. lol I love the holly leaves! And notice the ticket number… lol I am so clever. (eye rolling myself here.) If you look at the image below I just printed these on gold paper and sprinkled them with glitter. I you can find the glittery hairspray that works the best!

CLICK HERE to download the NEW BELIEVE TICKET! (hole punches)
CLICK HERE to download the NEW BLANK TICKET! (no hole punches)

Please let me know if you use them! And happy Polar Express viewing! Hopefully these make your night a little more fin!

Printable Polar Express Tickets (7)

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Printable Polar Express Tickets (8)


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  1. Printable Polar Express Tickets (9)

    Alma Ronn November 22, 2017


    Awesome, this is what I was browsing for in yahoo

  2. Printable Polar Express Tickets (10)

    Jessica Barber November 28, 2017


    Hi, these are perfect! Thank you for sharing! For some reason I can’t open the Old Believe tickets. They are asking me to save them, and I don’t seem to have the program to open them. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Printable Polar Express Tickets (11)

      Jess November 30, 2017


      Hmmm… It should open right up when you click on them. From there you should be able to hit File up at the top of your screen and the click on Save As. From there I usually save them to my desktop. Hopefully this helps!

  3. Printable Polar Express Tickets (12)

    Amanda McDonald December 13, 2017


    For some reason the other tickets won’t open. I can open the new tickets no problem.

    1. Printable Polar Express Tickets (13)

      Jess December 21, 2017


      The old tickets should download automatically when you click on the link. Not sure why the link for those does that, but it’s nice! lol If you search your download file on you computer you should be able to find them there! Let me know if you need any more help.

  4. Printable Polar Express Tickets (14)

    Wendy December 21, 2017


    When I printed the new ones, it didn’t print the hole punch font. I looked but didn’t see if you posted the name of the font. It’s late and I’m tired. That’s what I get for doing this last minute.

    1. Printable Polar Express Tickets (15)

      Jess December 21, 2017


      Ok that is STRANGE! There are two different ones…. A blank one and one with words. Maybe you accidentally downloaded the wrong one? I am so sorry!

  5. Printable Polar Express Tickets (16)

    Heather October 27, 2018


    Is there any way you can send them to me directly? When I try to download “CLICK HERE to download the OLD BELIEVE TICKET! (hole punches)” this one, it opens like a program and then says “cannot locate program to open the file” all the others work fine.

    1. Printable Polar Express Tickets (17)

      Jess October 28, 2018


      I shall check it out! Thanks for letting me know!

    2. Printable Polar Express Tickets (18)

      Jess November 9, 2018


      Ok Heather… I think I fixed it! The files should download to your computer right when you click the link.

  6. Printable Polar Express Tickets (19)

    Betsy Dixon October 30, 2018


    These are exactly what we are looking for! Is there anyway to change the ticket number to 12242018? I know it isn’t a huge deal but since we are using them this year it would be cool to have this year’s date.

    1. Printable Polar Express Tickets (20)

      Jess November 9, 2018


      I forgot I did that with the date! Maybe I should remove the date all together… Otherwise I would have to update it every year… I could just make the date 12-24?

  7. Printable Polar Express Tickets (21)

    Stacie December 11, 2018


    Thank you for sharing!

  8. […] with glitter and such. I just printed it out at 6:45 am, so myn was simple. You can find the ticket here. This is always greeted with “What’s this?” When I explain it’s their […]

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Printable Polar Express Tickets (2024)


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