Overview (2024)

Around 700 million people live on less than $2.15 per day, the extreme poverty line. Extreme poverty remains concentrated in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, fragile and conflict-affected areas, and rural areas.

After decades of progress, the pace of global poverty reduction began to slow by 2015, in tandem with subdued economic growth.The Sustainable Development Goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030 remains out of reach.

Global poverty reduction was dealt a severe blow by the COVID-19 pandemic and a series of major shocks during 2020-22, causing three years of lost progress. Low-income countries were most impacted and have yet to recover.In2022, a total of 712 million people globally were living in extreme poverty, an increase of 23 million people compared to 2019.

We cannot reduce poverty and inequality without also addressing intertwined global challenges, including slow economic growth, fragility and conflict, and climate change.

Climate change is hindering poverty reduction and is a major threat going forward. The lives and livelihoods of poor people are the most vulnerable to climate-related risks.

Millions of households are pushed into, or trapped in, poverty by natural disasters every year. Higher temperatures are already reducing productivity in Africa and Latin America, and will further depress economic growth, especially in the world’s poorest regions.

Eradicating poverty requires tackling its many dimensions. Countries cannot adequately address poverty without also improving people’s well-being in a comprehensive way, including through more equitable access to health, education, and basic infrastructure and services, including digital.

Policymakers must intensify efforts to grow their economies in a way that creates high quality jobs and employment, while protecting the most vulnerable.

Jobs and employment are the surest way to reduce poverty and inequality. Impact is further multiplied in communities and across generations by empowering women and girls, and young people.

Last Updated:Apr 02, 2024

Overview (2024)


How would you rate your overall performance? ›

How would you rate your overall performance? I feel like I have done very well in my position during the last 12 months. I have met or exceeded all of my goals and objectives, and I have demonstrated a commitment to continuing my professional development.

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How do you write a summary for a performance review? A review summary is a brief overview of employee's performance, strengths, and areas they can improve upon. It should briefly explain what they do well and what they should improve, with advice on how to do so.

What is an example of overall performance summary comments? ›

Below are a few comments. “You always come on time, take the scheduled breaks as mandated and follow the timings perfectly well.” “He meets all the company standards of time for attendance.” “You exceed the time allocated for your lunch breaks.”

What is a positive comment for a performance appraisal? ›

If you're focusing on positive reinforcement for a performance review, consider using some of these phrases for managers:"You consistently demonstrate strong leadership skills and inspire your team to perform at their best.""Your ability to communicate effectively and listen to your team has greatly contributed to our ...

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Evaluation Sheets For Employees - What are the 5 words performance review? A simple, direct, honest, and personal way to evaluate performance is the five-word review.

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Tips for writing a self-evaluation

Mention any milestones or goals you achieved and discuss how you've progressed since your last evaluation. Try to be as specific as possible to highlight your unique value. Describe specific tasks and projects you completed that contributed to your overall success.

What do you say in an overall performance review? ›

Talk about your achievements

Performance reviews give you the opportunity to talk about your recent achievements and highlight your strengths. Talking about your achievements can show employers that you're committed to the company and are excited to learn how to improve.

What is an example of a performance expectation? ›

You will be expected to work as a team member. You will be expected to contribute to the work group's overall productivity as appropriate, helping coworkers when possible. You will be expected to show respect for others at all times. You will be expected to share your ideas with other employees.

How to reply to an appraisal email? ›

Begin by thanking your manager, first immediately when you receive the information, and then later, in a short and well-drafted email. Be honest about how you feel, and acknowledge the fact it feels good to be appreciated; particularly, if there's a substantial raise or promotion in the cards as well.


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