Hilltop Luxury Villa Rental in Los Cabos With Gym & Two Pools (2024)

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Hilltop Luxury Villa Rental in Los Cabos With Gym & Two Pools (1)


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Hilltop Luxury Villa Rental in Los Cabos With Gym & Two Pools (4)


Hilltop Luxury Villa Rental in Los Cabos With Gym & Two Pools (5)

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22 Guests

11 Bedrooms

18 Bathrooms

18000 SqFt

Starting from $34,000 / NT

Situated at the peak of the exclusive gated community of Pedregal, Casa Cielo offers unparalleled views of downtown Cabo San Lucas and the Sea of Cortez. The property, which sits directly above the iconic Pedregal sign, is partly owned by professional athletes and features a unique “Wall of Fame”. Casa Cielo is also home to an impressive array of luxury amenities, including a media room, gym, bar area, billiards and poker table, and two pools.

Casa Cielo comprises ten bedrooms, each with its own private en-suite bathroom, comfortably accommodating up to twenty guests. The luxury villa rental in Los Cabos is perfectly equipped for a vacation with family and friends or a corporate getaway.

A privileged position perched on top of the mountain means Casa Cielo has no neighbors. The secluded villa is spread over a generous 18,000 SqFt and is flooded with light and incomparable views over the Bay of Cabo. A grand entrance through an open courtyard with a cascading water feature leads directly to an interior characterized by Spanish Colonial architecture, wooden furnishings, and diverse and oriental touches. The hub of this luxury villa rental in Los Cabos is undoubtedly the open plan living and dining room with a dining table for twelve, living area, bar, poker area, billiards table, and glass doors that run the length of the room.

Beyond the glass doors lies a sprawling stone-tiled terrace with plenty of loungers, an infinity pool, a hot tub, and unbelievable sea and city views. Each of the ten luxuriously appointed bedrooms comes with a King-sized bed an en-suite bathroom with a stand-alone shower, and a private terrace with ocean views.

Casa Cielo is located in a prime position in the private community of Pedregal. The luxury villa rental in Los Cabos is within easy reach of Medano Beach and the activity in the Marina. EliteLyfe’s concierge service includes exclusive luxury transfers to and from the airport, ensuring a world-class experience and your peace of mind from the moment you arrive.


Heated pool upon request

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Hilltop Luxury Villa Rental in Los Cabos With Gym & Two Pools (2024)


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