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Welcome, humans.

Sam Altman told the press that the voice of Sky on ChatGPT “was never intended to resemble” Scarlett Johansson. Yeah, right—just like my mismatched socks are a new fashion statement I’m trying out. We don’t buy it!

Here’s what you need to know about AI today:

  • How ChatGPT Voice Mode gives people a real-time meeting assistant.

  • Humane, that overhyped Ai Pin, is reportedly looking to sell.

  • Amazon is giving Alexa an AI facelift.

  • See if you can guess our Thursday Trivia!

On the podcast: Pete explains Anthropic’s big research breakthrough that maps the mind of AI models (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube).

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As we eagerly count down the days till ChatGPT Voice Mode’s release (the talking ChatGPT), we can’t help but fantasize about its potential use cases.

One exciting prospect: a true AI assistant in meetings.

Imagine this: a new team member walks into your meeting, knows your business inside out, and has the highest IQ you’ve ever encountered. During discussions, you could ask them:

And it answers instantly. That’s the power of ChatGPT Voice Mode. Check out this demo:

Companies are already preparing for this. Abu Dhabi’s holding company is implementing an AI developed by G42 and Microsoft called Aiden that will “inform discussions and guide decisions” in board meetings.

"Aiden Insight can provide a valuable brainstorming position for counterarguments that are neutral to office politics. Asking an AI to tell you what reasons might exist for not making a decision is extremely valuable.

Secondly, AI can process and analyse and make meaning from vast amounts of data quickly. This gives the board more informed and evidence-based options to consider in making their decisions."

And Microsoft is on board too. At its conference this week, Microsoft announced that Team Copilot, its AI assistant for teams, will manage agendas and take notes during meetings, so you don’t have to.

We’re a bit disappointed it won’t be Scarlett Johansson’s voice chiming in on our meetings via ChatGPT-4o, but we’re excited for a different AI voice to remind us what EBITDA stands for every five minutes!

In related news: here’s a fun Reddit thread on the “Coolest Thing You’ve Done with 4o”.

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One platform is taking on the billionaires at their own game, buying and securitizing some of history’s most prized blue-chip artworks for its investors. In just the last few years, its investors have realized representative total net returns of 20.3%, 31.7%, 32.6% and more.

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  • OpenAI has inked a deal with News Corp (owner of WSJ, Barron’s, MarketWatch, & more) to integrate its news content into ChatGPT. The agreement could be worth up to $250M, according to the WSJ.

  • Humane, the overhyped Ai Pin that wanted to replace the iPhone, is reportedly seeking a buyer.

  • Nvidia’s data center arm grew 427% since last year, driven by demand for its AI chips.

  • Amazon is planning to overhaul Alexa with an AI makeover later this year and charge a subscription for it.

  • DeepL, which competes with Google Translate, secured $300M to improve its text translation and writing tools.

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  1. Truecaller’s AI assistant answers your phone in your voice to weed out spam calls.

  2. Patronus evaluates how reliable a company’s AI models are (raised $17M).

  3. Unify helps developers find the best LLM for any use case (raised $8M).

  4. Granola takes meeting notes for you, and you can direct it on what to jot down (raised $4.25M).

  5. Prakita is a language tutor powered by AI avatars (raised $35.5M).

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Here’s an idea for an AI tool—CommenterGPT, an AI that comments on all of your friends’ social media posts in your voice so you never have to log into Instagram again! #artsy!

One glance, everyone knows the rules: one image is AI-generated, and the other is real.

Which is which?


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Trivia Answer: A is real and B is Imagen 3!

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*The content is not intended to provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investing involves risk.

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😺 AI universal meeting assistant (2024)


What is an AI meeting assistant? ›

Understanding the types of AI meeting assistants

AI meeting tools are programs or systems that leverage artificial intelligence to streamline processes and enhance various aspects of meetings by automating tasks, providing real-time updates, and assisting with decision making.

What does the Zoom AI assistant do? ›

Collaborate, communicate, and get work done more efficiently with Zoom AI Companion. Let AI Companion help draft emails and chat messages, summarize meetings and chat threads, improve brainstorming with colleagues, and more — all in the easy-to-use Zoom experience you know and love.

How to use AI for meetings? ›

A popular method to leverage AI in meetings is by adding an AI note-taker to your meeting platform. For instance, in Zoom meetings, you'd activate the note-taker as an additional participant. Tools like Fathom operate in this manner, allowing you to record, transcribe, and compile meeting notes efficiently.

How much is the Zoom AI companion? ›

The UC&C vendor announced its generative AI-powered Zoom AI Companion available now at no additional cost with the paid services in a Zoom user account. Zoom AI Companion currently includes email composition assistance based on prompts, and in-progress and completed meeting summaries.

How does AI Assistant work? ›

How Does an AI Assistant Work? An AI Assistant leverages advanced AI technologies including natural language processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLMs). NLP is the foundation of any AI assistant, enabling it to understand and respond to queries and answer them in a human-like interaction.

What is the most popular AI assistant? ›

Google Assistant, a powerful AI from Google, works on anything from your phone and watch to your TV and even car. It can manage tasks, make calls, send texts and emails with a voice command.

How to use AI for beginners? ›

Start with a solid foundation in computer science and a strong grip on a programming language, preferably Python. Next, learn basic algorithms followed by machine learning and data science principles. Apply theoretical knowledge through AI projects. Websites like Kaggle and GitHub offer numerous projects for beginners.

Can AI do my meeting minutes? ›

Your Personal AI Meeting Notes Taker

An AI assistant that records, transcribes, and creates meeting summaries for you. Save hours delegating the job you don't like to MeetGeek. MeetGeek AI notes taker automatically joins as soon as you start a new meeting in Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams. No downloads or installs.

Can AI have a conversation with you? ›

One common use of conversational AI is chatbots, which employ NLP to understand user inputs and engage in conversations. It's also applied in virtual assistants, customer service chatbots, and voice assistants.

Is AI Companion free? ›

If you pay for certain services on Zoom, you can now use Zoom AI Companion for free. This means you can access its features without having to pay anything extra. Additionally, if your company or organization pays for your Zoom meetings, you can use the Zoom AI Companion features while you're in those meetings.

How do I turn on AI on Zoom? ›

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the AI Companion tab.
  4. Under Meeting, click the Meeting Summary with AI Companion toggle to enable or disable it.
  5. If a verification dialog displays, click Enable or Disable to verify the change.

Which is the best AI companion? ›

Replika is a #1 chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. Join millions talking to their own AI friends! Replika is for anyone who wants a friend with no judgment, drama, or social anxiety involved.

What is the meaning of AI in meeting? ›

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a technology that is increasingly being used to automate repetitive tasks like taking meeting notes. Unlike human transcribers, AI can capture everything that is said, even if there are multiple speakers or ambient noise.

What does AI meeting manager do? ›

AI meeting managers can help participants share data during and after meetings and follow up with others based on actionable data, like summaries, notes, and highlights, or request team members to complete specific actions discussed in the meeting.

What is a meeting assistant? ›

Meeting Assistant

It helps you automatically record the audio and video content of the meeting and transcribe it into easily scannable text that you can refer to in the future.

What is Google's AI assistant? ›

The Google Assistant allows users to activate and modify vocal shortcut commands in order to perform actions on their device (both Android and iPad/iPhone) or configure it as a hub for home automation. This feature of the speech recognition is available in English, among other languages.


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