100 Paris Street Food Locations! (Cheap Eats & MORE) - Dining and Cooking (2024)

100 of the best locations for street food in Paris
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in today’s documentary we’ll be combining our greatest hits to give you a complete guide to some of the must dry street food all over Paris we’ll have Crepes sandwiches ethnic food some of the best bases you can eat on the go and we’ll also showcase the best Fresh Market in Paris Ali oniva today we’re doing a pit stop in the Monas area and this place aristot is highly recommended and we heard it was an American concept mixed with French food probably because there’s bagels and hot dogs but this place is very popular with young people I don’t know if there’s a university around here but it reminds me of young professionals and students and man you’re going to wait for something but what you’re waiting for is really good and delicious they have a lot of different choices of breads you could get this on like if you wanted a bagel sandwich or a regular baguette I chose the dark bread with lots of seeds cuz I love that you can get ham you can get chicken you can get a lot of things but today I chose salmon and [Applause] avocado and this bread it’s it’s got a light bite but it’s just a it’s a subtle light bite with all of the seeds it’s like a little bit crispy and a little bit chewy at the same time and the Cucumbers give it a nice crisp crunch the avocado gives it a nice Saucy kind of feeling and the freshness of the salmon crispness of the arugula it’s just so [Music] good is that good this is really good oh yeah this is good now on to the next stop we’re here at a restaurant called bullet which basically means meatball and what they sell here is sandwiches with meatballs and bowls with meatballs served on top of a salad you can get beef chicken lamb fish or even vegetarian meatballs but this place is oh my God delicious and today I got the lamb meatball sandwich on pea and with the crunchiness of the garlicky cucumber and all of the fla I mean it’s just it’s hard to describe but just an explosion of flavor so good you just have to come and try it that is garlicky deliciousness oh garlic that’s good for [Music] me [Music] is [Music] good this place is down a quiet little Street it’s a little hole in the wall if you didn’t know it was here you’d never find it cuz this place is for the business people that work in the area to come and grab a really high quality lowcost amazing meal here we’re right by the Grand Boulevard so we’re close to to the covered passages the jfa Panorama but these guys also have a restaurant by rior Sebastapol and I can’t wait to go try that one too if you’re in this area this Hidden Gem is a definite must [Music] stop next up is at Meson beron near the afo tower this is a local bonger that makes all kinds of breads classic bakeries and they have a great selection of sandwiches M Bang and the famous charcoal black bread baguette they also have salads and vegetarian options today we picked up a couple of sandwiches to eat near the eel [Music] Tower so I got the black charcoal baguette with truffle flavored Bree on my sandwich and oh my God it’s delicious I mean just yummy [Music] and I took the fugas which is basically a flat bread with three cheeses and they heat it up for you and the flavor of the cheese comes out really strong it’s a bit filling it’s a big thing so if you want to take that you could actually share it a little bit greasy but so good really really an amazing snack SP you want to try this nothing like crispy cheese this banry has amazing launch options you can get a formu with a sandwich a dessert and a drink or just a sandwich and a drink it’s just really cool and it’s right there close to the a tower you can grab some stuff have a picnic on the on the lawn that’s awesome so this stop is in M it’s right around the corner from the abess metro station near L mm and it’s called frck frack and what they do here is mure but not your regular run-of-the meal croak this is a gourmet version of The Croc mure it’s actually two Chef that are behind the concept they make their own bread in house and they have all kinds of different flavors a regular croak is bamal ham and cheese is basically a French grilled cheese sandwich but here they reinvented it in some really cool ways we chose La Titi which is very close to the original regular cro mure and it’s absolutely delicious the bread is amazing you can really tell the difference now if you want to try a really good COC mure you come right here this is modern this is fresh um this is really good one of my favorite COC m p by a long shot [Music] so for this stop we came toar and we’re right up the hill from the Mulan Rouge at roua Peak this this is right on the corner Little Fish Market Sandwich Spot and this is pepon which has fresh hot soups in the winter I’ve been dying to try some here and it is [Music] delicious and if you’re not in the mood for soup they have sandwiches hot dogs cook mure they have macarons and other stuff but and on a nice cold day you get a soup that’s not a coffee that’s an onion soup it’s not like a french onion soup where you have the bread and cheese on top it is just all of the flavor of an onion soup right here in a cup that thing’s got flavor let me show you that’s a steaming hot soup on a cold Winter’s [Music] day so much flavor I love it I love it and if you want something sweet after that right up the street here is the chocolate Eileen Al but that is amazing chocolate and it’s on our top three list of best macarons in Paris so this Stu is bullies and we found this place in a Gastronomy Expo and tried a couple of things had to come back and see what more they have and they call everything here the shoes and a shoe is really just a cream puff so we had them filled with sweet stuff before but in this location they have sandwiches so you can get ham and cheese you can get a vegetarian a blue cheese and walnuts and all kinds of different flavor sandwiches that are made actually on cream puff sandwich so it’s not heavy it’s just an extraordinary light delicious thing a sandwich on a cream puff they also have a breakfast so like ham and eggs in the morning or just cream puffs with whatever it is that you’re going to put on it or a 4:00 snack or an afternoon snack with just the little cream pups with a cup of tea cup of coffee hot chocolate it’s amazing little stop near the ground boulevards on the side by sturg [Music] [Applause] sand I am so excited to try this we are at Canard Street which is a little bit of an unusual spot because here they have Burgers but they have beef burgers chicken burgers veggie burgers lamb burgers and we got the kit canar or a duck Burger so I can’t wait to try that this is the formula lunch with the french fries and a beverage oh this burger made with duck has figs and goat cheese and red onions and a lot of yum so it doesn’t taste like a burger tastes like a warm sandwich it’s a Canard has which is a ground duck but it feels like it’s a slice of duck and it’s got an awful lot of really good flavor oh with the Fig and the goat cheese this is unusual street food and it marvelous you got to try bite yeah it’s sweet and salty and you got the sweetness from I don’t know what and the Fig the figs this is really good really good decent french fries a grade Burger a drink that’s a great [Music] meal so this stop isair and we went to the food court by the G La Fayette and take a look at this this is the salted caramel eair and what Deen is famous for is for taking the eair which is a staple of French pastry and take it to a whole new level so we’re going to taste it and see what the hype is all about Oreo I’m not a huge fan of aair this is not my go-to in a French B three but this aair is extraordinary I mean it’s just it is next level the only bummer that I have is I’m going to have to share this with Colleen cuz I wish I could eat the whole thing but I think you’re going to enjoy this Colleen traditionally in a clair when you go in a French bakery it’s usually two flavor it’s chocolate or coffee that’s pretty much what it is but here they do all kinds of flavor all kinds of look this is caramel which I’ve never seen salted caramel at CLA but they have raspberries they have lemon they have strawberry they have all kinds of flavor this is really really good yeah we might have to go get another one you want to try it Colleen can taste the butteriness of the caramel this is an extraordinary aair like the little shoe pastry that the that the cream is inside is a very buttery it’s not spongy it’s not anything other than just fabulous it’s um nice and thick and thin and Airy and buttery all at the same time and then that salted buttered caramel is so buttery and so caramelly I don’t know how they do it it’s just good and they make chocolate too and it comes with a little button of chocolate right on [Music] theair all right so for this stop we went to osubi gumay and I hope I’m saying that right so what we got is this little thing here so this is what I got so think about this has a giant Sushi and it’s a pyramid of rice with spicy chicken in [Music] it so I can’t wait okay this is really good I’m going to let Colleen finish it cuz it’s a bit spicy and and Colleen likes spicy food a lot more than I do and I can already taste that um it’s a little SP a little too spicy for me so I’m going to try the next thing I like spicy foods so here goes my Spicy Bite you have the sticky rice the seaweed wrap and I don’t know what they put in that chicken but oh it’s so flavorful so delicious and let me tell you unless you have a really big appetite one of these is more than enough because it’s just very satisfying I love it and the next thing that we got is another amazing Japanese street food which is Japanese chicken nuggets they’re called kuragi and they are absolutely magnificent you can taste that the chicken is very uh moist and tender it’s not dry at all tastes like a chicken nugget but it’s just really good like you know if you had like a a festar chicken nugget that’s what it would taste like like to bite it the chicken is really tender and juicy and I was thinking that it would be a really crispy crispy kind of um a coating it’s a very flavorful very flavorful breading and I don’t know what the flavors are it’s got a hint of soy a little bit of something exotic and a whole lot of yummy taking another bite that’s a safe bet if you want to give your kids something delicious something a little bit familiar they’re not expensive at all again it’s very filling that’s chicken nugget it’s [Music] good we’re here at gem La Patisserie this is a place to come and get something sweet cup of coffee but specifically macarons and these are fresh homemade right here on the store and they have exotic flavors so this one is tamaron but we also got a coconut uh Ginger and I like this place cuz these macarons are so fresh and delicious and it’s a good place to stop when you’re around the Opera I wasn’t sure what to expect with a Tamarind macaron it’s light it’s flavorful it’s really good but the one that I was really excited to try is the ginger this one it’s not a it’s not a hard shell but it’s a light veneer of crisp and that cookie and inside is just it’s just like you you took a real quick breath of Ginger and then the flavor just stays with you it’s really yummy I like that one I got the coconut nut Coco going give it a shot this is a good macaron so this stop is in a little restaurant it’s kind of like a fast food french fast food called LA brigad or the Brigade and they offer a little what call a Marette which is french fries and then you get a meat with it so they have saes they have chicken they have beef then you get a little of sauce with it so I got opav sauce and you get a little salad and it’s like a great meal with a beverage they offer co*cktail you can get a Mojito you can get wine you can get beer so this is an awesome spot and we’re literally like a block and a half away from the OPA this is good you should try it okay [Music] in France when they say sais what they’re talking about it’s kind of somewhere between um kibasa or like a Polish sausage it’s very flavorful it’s got a good thick skin on the outside and it’s yummy and I like it with the aab sauce I never thought about that I usually think mustard with a sausage like that but this is great it’s just a great idea to just sit and have a little nibble in the afternoon and apparel Spritz or moo but it’s a great spot for people watching just a just a great spot we just came from dilak which is a Korean place they have Bento boxes and stuff you can eat in or take out so there’s a whole bunch of stuff in here so let’s start with the appetizer which are the dumplings so in France they call dumplings ravioli but let’s try this it’s not really like a Chinese dumpling I mean it looks like a dumpling it’s made like a dumpling tastes a little bit more like seaweed than I’m used to with a with a Chinese dumpling and it’s [Music] yummy and it comes with some soup just a little cup of soup it’s funny that’s like a like a leak misu kind of a soup and of course as many Asian restaurants are it’s a good place for um vegetarian options as well and here is the BPP po I got this one with it has a black rice on the bottom it’s really looks purple but they call it a black rice the vegetables some um bits of egg and we took the beef option has a really nice flavor to that I know this restaurant came very highly recommended and now I know why it’s very tasty it’s it’s not a Cuisine that I’m really familiar with but it’s it has a lot of flavor you can compare it to Japanese or Chinese food whatever you’re familiar with but it definitely has its own flavor it’s very yummy it’s very delicious we’re here at the balerie Joseph which is right next to the entrance of the chazelle passage and they you can get all kinds of stuff here like you can in any bonger they have ready-made salads and sandwiches they have sandwiches that you can get more Panini style heated a cro mure but what I got today is the pizza FTE with spinach chicken and cheese and they heat it up for you right here very [Music] nice so we went to AI buer on R Santan which is a French Japanese bonger which is what you have in this area and they have a melon bread which is very interesting never had it let me open this oh look at that it’s very light it’s very interesting bread it’s a good snack actually a lot of sugar coating on top it tastes like a Brios but not a traditional Brios a Japanese BOS it’s a very interesting bread I like it it’s not too sweet so it’s a good snack it’s a very interesting concept of mixing the French culture and the Japanese culture inside of a uh Bakery so they have all kinds of thing they have sushi Asian Cuisine and then the traditional French uh Bakery stuff that you would expect and then this thing which is a bage but Japanese style so it’s a very interesting thing I don’t know what kind of melon that is for melon bread it’s very fluffy almost like a Hala bread tastes a little bit like a Hala bread on the top level is crispy with a sugar coat but in the Aki baky they have regular French baked goods but with a Japanese flare so they have matcha flavored muffins and E Claires with different Japanese kind of uh influence or you can get a Japanese salad or all kinds of different Japanese food F to go and any of the formula type things that you would get in a traditional French bakery but with a Japanese twist so it’s pretty nice good to know about today we’re going to go eat a crepe and there is no better place to eat a crepe in Paris than R deas and this street has probably 10 to 20 crep Brees but the one we’re going today is Renown to be one of the best so follow me so this is a tiny little restaurant in that street this one has an amazing reputation and what I like about it it’s not owned by a big group and you have some sitting on the inside and then half the tables on the outside um but it looks very quaint and you’re in the street people walk in by and this is great all the Crepes that they have on the menu they’re all named after a women’s name and I think we’re going to go for La Melle and la frine which sound [Music] delightful let’s see this has an egg right in the middle I didn’t really catch that from the thing but French people put eggs on things so I’m going to try some of this you see the mustard the grainy mustard sauce that grainy mustard I’m going to get it all on my Fork [Music] here that is a very mustardy yummy crepe and I know why they put the mustard because of those [Music] sausages that’s an excellent crepe and this is a sausage morto which it’s kind of somewhere between a basa and Canadian bacon or something like that it’s a great texture great flavor and an amazing addition to a CP I love it and it’s why the mustardy mustard sauce works so well the sausage the glette crep and some salad in here that’s [Music] good oh that looks like a great crepe I haven’t had a crepe with bacon like that that’s an excellent crepe one only thing about Crepes is often time is uh S as street food a lot of these places offer sitting so I like to actually sit down to eat my crepe it gives me a little bit more room to enjoy the crepe and but you can grab it walk with it or sit down and eat this crepe is off I’ve never had that flavor before I’ve got bacon and potatoes and cremme fresh and mushroom look at the melted butter right there it’s really a great crepe they adverti the fact that they buy all the ingredients fresh you know from a local market so this is not an industrial crepe one of thing that’s great about a crepe if you’re looking for an affordable meal in Paris I mean this is like €13 and Colleen is like €12 it’s not an expensive meal I think that together we’re going to be eating here for €35 together The Crepe and the Beverages and just really affordable and a great great [Music] [Music] meal we’re here on R Rambo which connects Le all the way over to George Pomo Center and this place man has amazing Li food and we’re right here in the middle of rush hour so be prepared for line if you come right at lunchtime I’m ready for something delicious I love Mid Eastern food and Lebanese food in Paris is amazing so today I’m having the cfta sandwich which has ground beef and yumminess they made it fresh for me right there and let’s take a bite M I’ve barely got anything in the bite and I can already taste it it’s amazing the combination of flavors the spices are just popping you got to try this yeah you got to try it that’s good you know what it’s a good change from the traditional baguette sandwich just different you got the hummus the meat it’s usually very fresh with the vegetables but it’s really good and usually you can tell a place is really good cuz you got 20 30 people waiting in line any time of the day man is the same owner for 22 years they make it in right in front of you it’s obvious viously fresh ingredients it’s very well done and you’re in the uh ppy do area here so you have a lot of ethnic food to choose from some are a little shady but if you’re in a mood for something different or ethnic you had enough cheese and baguette for a while they have the P ofur so they put the gallet on the on the stove they cook it right in front of you and then it’s delicious and if you want a dessert after that you can go like three stores down B sheer ice cream I believe it’s the original location right here by ppy and you can get the ice cream with the crush pistachio on top which is amazing and it’s Lebanese too so this is really good I enjoy [Music] that and check this out this is my little appetizer which I save for after the meal and that is like a little spinach yummy dumpling I love Mid Eastern spinach it’s got that vinegary kind of a feeling but the softness and butteriness of the dough I love those The Onion the spinach the vinegar now you could go down the street and get a Lebanese ice cream at bashier but today I took the formula lunch which comes with a little tiny pastry which for me is just enough today and I’m a big pistachio fan so I got this kind of baklava looking thing with [Music] pistachio that thing is crispy yummy goodness do I have to share [Music] yes now we’re here at Little Havana which I’m very excited about as a Miami girl to get some Cuban food and we’re right here by Lal so let’s go get some Cuban food I’m from Miami I’m so happy to have Cuban food I want the pan to I am so excited to try this I don’t know how they do it in Cuba but in Miami that’s really just going to be pork maybe some pork with onion but this one has some pickled onions and Kelo so we’ll see how that’s going to go you got all those Rich Cuban flavors oh yeah it has an extra sweet crunch that I’ve never had in a panon before that it feels almost like home that’s like The Best of Both Worlds because it is so home style Cuban pork sandwich mixed with a little French flare on top The Best of Both Worlds I’m happy and this is with the garli sauce one of the things that I miss most in Paris is jalapenos cuz I do like spicy stuff this isn’t jalapeno but it is a mildly spicy sweet pepper sauce with lots and lots of garlic it’s Perfection we need to come back here whenever I’m homesick bring me here the promise well let me give it a try yeah as a french guy I don’t miss the Cuban sandwich well because we make amazing sandwiches here in Paris but I kind of miss it because you know when you live 32 years in Miami you get used to that oh yeah oh I can taste the lime the vegetable yeah it’s a very refreshing sandwich it’s a great sandwich actually Colleen said that I would like the sauce so I’m going to give it a try it’s very good it’s not too spicy it’s more tomatoey and garlicky it’s a great place you’re going to get a great meal here and if you’re Miami and you cannot like add enough of Crepes and French food for a while you come here and you’ll be right back home I love tostones and I can buy plantains and make these at home but I don’t know how to make them like that and check this out this is a guacamole with red onion tomato and the sweetness of those pineapples that is delicious just a little paprika a little bit of lime that guacamole and pineapple and tomato onion like oh [Music] man this tastes like Miami this is really [Music] good so today we are in M out and we’re going to go to mamish which is right there which has amazing sandwiches and rolls and pastries in venois so let’s go we got three things today got an amazing sandwich which is called pul Roti and on baguette look at this thing Colleen ordered a bread stick this is a little cheese roll that looks abs absolutely amazing so I’m going to go and take a bite of that thing M oh yeah this is wow oh wow and that was not expensive this is this is an amazing snack let me take another bite M oh man this is my new favorite this is really really good and I haven’t seen that in other places this is an extraordinary sandwich so here we are in mou it’s the uh the L part of Mount we’re down from the hill honestly this bonger is worth the 15minute walk from the S girl to go there to eat this this is really amazing this is a croissant d a lot of butter just think croissant butter ham and cheese roll together it’s crispy it’s tender in the inside it’s just I mean it’s Heavenly you got to take a bite yeah pull it out like that’s what cheesy bread is supposed to taste like it might be my new favorite too I almost wish I ate the other sandwich first so I could finish on that one I don’t eat at all I love crispy burnt cheese and the gooey cheese on the inside like that’s good that baguette dough feels really chewy after the way the roll was soft and broke up like a croissant this one feels like I actually have to do some chewing but the flavor is very nice it’s a roasted chicken but it almost feels like a chicken salad very light a little mayo a little Peppers it’s kind of an herb mayonnaise very nice and you can tell that it’s a roasted chicken cuz you got a little bit of the skin like that’s an actual roasted chicken it’s not some deli thing that they bought and sliced that’s roasted chicken m this is an amazing sandwich the bread is really crunchy it’s a really good baguette this is really good and what’s amazing with this is that you can get yourself a crappy sandwich right there by pigal 3 minutes walking from here because it’s super touristic and all you have to do is walk like 5 10 minutes find that Binger and get an amazing sandwich all you need to do is know where to go and now you do last but not least is this little stick with chorizo it’s almost like a chorizo pizza because you have that same kind of dough like a pizza dough and the cheese and the cheso like I think pepperoni like a pepperoni pizza with more bread than pepperoni and there’s no tomato sauce it’s kind of [Music] nice today we’re right by the P Royale not far from the L and we’re here to try some Korean street food so let’s go see what [Music] they that is so light that you can tell there’s a skin on the ravioli but it doesn’t taste like there’s any you’re going to love this try one I’m using my fingers I’m sorry but I’m not very sced with this well this is good very fine it’s a lot finer than what I’ve eaten in Chinese [Music] restaurants I don’t know how the Korean get their chicken so tender it is the crispiest coating the softest most tendered chicken inside that I know and this one has like green onions and sesame feels like honey or something it’s just um it’s just a great combination which is very good it’s a very interesting Fried Chicken bite oh this is good I would order that again in France the mares are a way of life it’s where the locals go to get their stuff like flowers meat produce all kinds of cheeses local stuff prepared foods they even have clothes and hats and sunglasses and all kinds of stuff but the problem is they’re not open every day there are 64 marays in the city of Paris and they each have their own days and times that they’re open so in this video we’re going to take you to five of the best maret the biggest the most robust and we’ll tell you where they are and when they’re open so you can come and discover them when you’re in Paris are you ready to go I am so ready to go ala let’s [Music] go now we’re going to the Marche at marber mutuality and we’re going to meet our friend Karen who just flew in from Canada and check it out so let’s go so this is a very typical French market and it has everything from vegetables fresh cheese shut Tre all kinds of things to eat and it also has clothes and jewelry and wooden objects and uh you know different kind of Curiosities and stuff and it’s a great place just to come I don’t know try on a hat get something for a picnic bring something back to your Airbnb so likes really fresh things the maret at marbert mutuality is open on Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays and you have to come in the morning cuz they all Clos at noon or just a little past so great [Music] spot and for the shut Tre and picnic there you [Music] go and here is Madel which is one of the top bakeries and in the Latin quarters and you can tell it’s a good Bakery because you have a line of people waiting to get in and the Metro is right here you come out of the metro and [Music] voila and that is a fresh herb mil check it out this Mar is plasm and plasm is a stop on the line 7 Metro with an escalator that comes up right at the market and in here you have fabulous little clothing shops uh fruits vegetables meat Olive dealers nut dealers all kinds of stuff like most markets but this one also has a gorgeous Fountain and other particular little things like Regional stuff and just some charming little things and I’m really enjoying wandering around right here in a cool shade spot covered right off the metro in the middle of summer so this one’s really cool and it’s also a great place to pick up some yummy stuff and head over to the jardan de plant for a picnic and have some fun it’s a good spot it’s like Peter bread with Thyme and lemon and that’s what I love in the French markets you have a lot of um exotic food vendors that will sell like their Specialties you know Chinese Asian Lebanese African sometime we’re [Music] good see she’s wrapping up a cheese over there and right there she’s going to put it Su so you can actually take it in a plane so now I have a fabulous fresh French cheese that is wrapped that doesn’t smell doesn’t need Refrigeration I can take that on the airplane and enjoy it back in the US so I don’t have to eat grocery store industrial cheese when I get home one of the things that’s really cool in grocery stores but especially in little markets like this is they have fresh pressed apple juice rhubarb juice strawberry juice all made fresh from local produce it’s amazing we’re here at the maret grenell which is right around the corner from Eiffel Tower underneath the Metro passage and this Market is huge and it is full of everything from bras and bathing suits jewelry Handbags and the typical vegetable and things that you would find in any maray but this one has the best selection of pre-made Foods you’re going to find I mean roasted potatoes uh beef bergon like you can find just about anything you want in this market it is fabulous and if you’re traveling with kids they have chicken tenders straight from the farm that actually look like chicken tenders but you can buy fruits and vegetables or hats and Handbags and shoes and sunglasses you can buy anything you want right here including amazing fresh bread and pastries and even if you’re not staying in this area there’s a metro station at either end so it’s worth stepping in just to experience walking through this [Music] market and right here you can buy as cargo all kinds of flavors and on to the next Market let’s go this one is the Marche KU Boo and it is amazing there is an indoor part and an outdoor part and they have everything [Music] here and if you’re here early in the morning they have rotisserie pigs and like chickens but pigs on the fire just spinning rotisserie for you they have of course the vegetables the Shak cutri items they have a section on beer cheese like anything that you want to find you’ll find right here and when the outdoor section is open they have hats clothes jewelry like all kinds of amazing things this is a huge Market it’s tons of fun we’re right here near the best deal and it’s just fabulous and if you’re here when the other markets near where you’re staying aren’t open this one is open inside 7 days a week [Music] this is the Marche at Basel right at the Metro station so it’s really easy to get to and this is one of the largest marays in Paris and here you’re going to find just about anything you could ever want in a Marche they have clothes shoes handbags sunglasses and then if you go a little bit beyond that you get to a section with food and of course they have fresh produce CH cutry cheese spices olives all kinds of stuff and you can get ethnic foods and and readymade Foods so that you can take it here eat it on the spot or take it to a picnic you can find a fresh crepe maker African cuisine they’ve got spots where you can get a fresh beef bergon or paa all kinds of things that you can get right here this is a fabulous Market I’m having a spiced chicken and pepper sandwich not spicy but it has a lot of flavored spices in it with onions and peppers and it’s just shredded up chicken and it’s really yummy on a fresh baguette sandwiches are so much better than a baguette they’re open on Thursdays and Sundays in the morning and if you want to have the full experience of a French Marche this is a place right [Music] here and here you have a metro station bre Sab which comes right out on the Marche our first stop today is chocolate El which is right up the street here and we’re going to have chocolates and macarons some of the best in Paris come on so today at Chaka LNA we’re going to try a macaron because we found them to be one of the best macarons in Paris in a video that we did and we’re going to have some of their chocolate because not only is it beautiful it’s delicious so we’re going to try some so one of the things that really attracted me to tryal is how beautiful the chocolate is like you see this this little kitty cat lollipop is wearing a pearl necklace there’s dinosaurs roses all kinds of stuff but check these out I have a giant rooster here I have Birds they have an entire Last Supper carved in the chocolate we have bears and pigs and all kinds of beautiful things so like I said not only is it delicious it’s absolutely gorgeous I’m going to start with the Sesame macaron check this out I can already smell that it’s amazing the shell is so light and delicious and the Sesame it’s got like that unique flavor it’s a little peanut buttery because you know it’s a it’s a nut oh I’m so happy I got that that’s good that’s really good and this pistachio Wasabi ganache chocolate you can definitely taste the quality of the chocolate and the subtlety of the flavor there’s so much imagination that goes into the food here and they make it right here behind that window it’s like so fresh so yummy so creative like you might need a box of those that’s good stuff caramel macaron so check this [Music] out oh wow yeah this is delicate this is really really good this is what I love about Paris I think that the vast majority of people make the mistake to go to the big names and I’m not going to say which big names cuz you know who I’m talking about I think the better quality macarons or individual little Artisan like that that are throughout the city but this is a greater dress you’re going to eat a macaron that tastes like a macaron not like it was made in a factory oh this is good I was hesitating between the caramel and the passion fruit this was the right one now I took this little bad boy here the heart of O’s uh crine M this is good oh man I could eat a box of those oh I love that oh I don’t want to eat anything else today cuz I want to I want to keep that flavor in my mouth this is very [Music] good and here is buer Alexine they have amazing bread pastries and venois right across there is a little bench right there where Colleen and I go and next to a cafe but this is public so we go and sit here one of my favorite morning pastries is the oamon which is a croissant that has almonds and almond filling inside oh and this is one of my favorite you can get a regular croissant you can get a chocolate croissant this one is an almond pastry filled croissant that’s my go-to at a bakery in the morning as my go-to too you can have some I sure so for this one we stop at Alexine it’s one of our go-to places cuz they always have amazing stuff but there’s a couple of other Baner which we’re going to show you but thisas [Music] is this is amazing Alexine has great croissants and morning pastries venois but they also have excellent bread excellent sandwiches so depending on what you plan on doing on your Walmart visit this is just a really good spot to know [Music] about next we’re going to stop at labut fromer and get some cheese so I can’t wait to see what they have come [Music] on maybe we’ll get something soft and spreadable then we need to find some bread let’s go look inside they have the bird Disney that we covered in our Normandy video right there so I took a con and a little Chev little go cheese and she’s cutting it in small pieces for uh for us because we’re going to to do a picnic so we got cheese now we need bread we need shaku so on now it’s time to get some bread and these guys were voted the best in France baguettes in 2011 and it’s right around the corner from the ab best metro we stop in here all the time come on to [Music] so this restaurant is idor and it’s a Kurdish street food in the heart of a Parisian neighborhood where only locals go and this is really a great place this is a ground beef they put it on a stew they grilled it and then they put it inside of a wrap with vegetables and tomato and spices it’s really delicious oh yeah this is really good good stuff great Kebab wow that’s a great addess another Hidden Gem in Paris we’re right down from theou right there this is a very popular Parisian Street you’re inside of a neighborhood here this is there’s nothing touristic around here I bet this is great this is where you’re going to find great local ethnic food and this one doesn’t disappoint it’s full of flavor and yumminess this is my first time eating in a c British restaurant anywhere and I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time tastes different than than a kebab that I’ve had before not as greasy a little bit drier slightly different spices and flavors more subtle I don’t want to say heavier but more satisfying more meaty I guess that is just absolutely delicious I’ve got parsley tomato onions just yumminess this is little bow Bay and it’s right by Leal and the Metro station chatet this place is known for their burgers with bow buns and I just found out they have ramen noodle buns too and I can’t wait to try it I took the classic beef burger with Ramen bun and the Asian spices just pop in your mouth this is the best burger I have ever eaten in my [Music] life wow this is excellent the sauce is a little sweet and sour there’s a sweetness to it the cabbage and the salad and the cheese oh my God this is good I’m really glad Colleen loves this Ramen bun sandwich cuz I love this and I’m definitely coming back here this is a great sandwich wow now this restaurant is called La Bel fre and they specialize in french fries which are really Belgium fries but in France we call them fre this place is a casual fast food restaurant and you can eat in or take out and we’re right around the corner from the musican which is the wax museum and a short 10-minute walk from the Opera it’s got bacon it’s got cheese it’s got crispy onions crispy onions this is my childhood right there my mom was flamish so northern France which is where that’s coming from and this this t like what my mom would make ma french fries crispy onions bacon sticks to your ribs this is so filling like in the winter that’s all you need it’s a complete meal and in the summer months like they have the just the cone of fries and you can get a burger and other stuff here too but that is so satisfying so delicious yeah [Music] and this is a racket burger oh it’s going to be messy a little bit of bacon a little bit of Reet cheese that looks absolutely amazing I need to take a bite yeah it’s really really light it’s a little bit sweet it’s just oh my God it’s so easy to eat it’s full of flavors and it’s really nice you can really taste the bacon and the grilled onions and the spices and the quality of the meat is very nice and the bun is really light this burger comes from Big ferdan which is pretty close to gor by the p metro station and we had heard about it many times it comes highly recommended mostly by local people they don’t have a place to sit down inside you’re going to have to take it to go but that is just delicious so if you’re grabbing something on your way to gardano or just grabbing something running around town big f n is a place to know about I I need a bite not yet okay here you go all right cool what stands out the most for you yeah the bun is first of all is super light there’s a sweetness that hits me and I don’t know where that’s coming from but it’s really interesting the hamburger is top quality this is a beef burger this is not like industrial Burger so this is a really good burger the sauce has a sweet side to it which is really really good very interesting this is an amazing Burger so you want another bite I know you do right there you go it’s good yeah hey don’t eat it all Chinchin Chinchin it looks like good fries yeah nice thick cut that looks like good french fries see I share thank you and on those rare occasions when there’s too many fries make the birds [Music] happy I can’t wait to try this I’ve been looking forward to this place this place is called ozlam it is a Turkish restaurant they have the kebabs the donor Kebab very authentic but this place I’m really looking forward to that is Rich with flavors I can really taste the parsley the cumin something spicy it’s delicious this is very good it’s not spicy at all well it is spicy but not scary spicy wow it’s got a lot of flavor I know why uh this is a highly recommended restaurant at is cuz this is full of flavor so if you’re looking for a good Turkish kebab that’s got a oh I can feel the spice now yeah it’s um I would say it’s a three out of 10 maybe a two I’m I’m going to call it a two it’s not spicy at all but the vegetable the crunchiness the meat I mean look at [Music] that I saw that people were drinking that so I got curious and when we go in a restaurant we usually ask them what’s the best thing you do here right then we order that but I saw some people were drinking this and I asked a gentleman and he says it’s it’s a mediterian drink probably one of the oldest drink on Earth it’s basically yogurt cow Bas milk uh fermented a little bit of salt and that’s it I’m going to give it a shot wow uh so that’s interesting all right look if you’re the med if you’re from the Mediterranean this probably means a lot to you but as a non-mediterranean uh Native this is surprising and uh not something that I would order again but I could totally get how this would be a drink that is very meaningful from people in the region you’re not going to finish it are you I’m not going to finish it no but but I’m glad I tried it because I can say you know what I had a kebab I had the drink and I know next time I’ll have a glass of wi cheers but that’s enough for me so this thing is called Prine and it’s a it’s sweet bread with nuts and little pieces of Proline or sugar and it comes from the region of Leon this is not a specialty of Paris the best way to describe it it’s a bage bread with all kinds of good stuff in it you can Gra grab one of those as your sightseeing l Mar or actually any bonger that were sered that and then just go and eat that on a park bench uh we bought this in rudo in a little store called prus but they sell that I’ve seen it all over the place because a lot of people love this stuff and since we couldn’t eat it there we actually walked down the rout Ruto we went to the end and there is a little hidden park this is a little Hidden Gem Secret in Paris inside the M AR where we are and there are a few benches there not a lot of people it’s kind of like you’re going all the way in the back and you found this other bench but it’s a great place to relax enjoy whatever you bought on your food tour and this is where we are this is good there’s an amazing [Music] treat and this Bakery here is famous for making naughty shape bakeries it’s not a part of our food tour but it’s a big stop uh for a lot of people in Paris so but it’s not on a food tour so let’s go we’re here at Kare pandemi which is a square of sliced bread and this is a new one for us we are checking it out for the first time and I’m really glad that we did it’s all about sliced bread so they have sandwiches lots and lots of [Music] sandwiches we got our bread with melted cheese on top and a salad on the side but now that we’re inside I’m wishing that I knew about all the other little sandwiches because they make amazing sandwiches they cut off the crispy crust and put it in a cup like bread sticks and serve it with french fries so whether you want the salad or the fries you got a great option but this is an amazing little spot and this is a Japanese French concept where they a special kind of Japanese flour that makes it really smooth really soft and just really delicious and you can tell it’s a great place because there’s a line the sign said it would be a 30 minute wait I can imagine that it could be like really really [Music] crazy [Music] so now let’s go on to the next [Music] spot this is character du cushon it’s not the cheapest place in town but the quality is amazing you are not paying for marketing [Music] here and of course today we got a selection of different kinds of sa already sliced so you can eat it on the go take it on a picnic take it back to your hotel or Airbnb and oh my God it’s good you can even get olives and wine or you can just get a sandwich with the same stuff on it but wow you need to know about [Music] this that’s good [Music] stuff [Music] and check this thing out just another piece of beautiful art and architecture when you’re walking through the streets all over Paris but in the marray there’s tons of them we just left Thomas Artisan from rajer and I was expecting to love it but I was not expecting to find the raclet WRA sandwich oh my God behind [Music] the recket wrap that they have is probably the best sandwich I ever had in my entire life it comes with potato and uh an aged ham and the special kind of recket cheese that’s typical for the winter there is absolutely nothing like it that I have tried anywhere that may be the best sandwich I ever ate in my life give me give me give me give me give me give me give me give me hey oh this is a definite stop if you’re coming through the maray and you want something amazing to eat oh and the other thing they have is aligo the half mashed potatoes and half gooey cheese that is so amazing and the special Butters and like they have so much stuff in there you need to know this place where I belong do this one thing keep bothering my mind this bit Stu is Bryce Cafe where you can have amazing Crepes and we tried Crepes all over Paris and some of them are okay most of the time you know it’s it’s hard to mess up a crepe but Bryce Cafe always does it right so you can have Savory cpes you know with ham and cheese and all kinds of good stuff but today I tried the chocolate sauce with caramelized almonds and whipped cream on top of it and it was absolutely delicious the caramelized almonds is something new that I haven’t had on a crate before and it really adds to The Taste it’s really [Music] good this location in lare is particular because they have a store next door where you can buy pasta made with the flour that they use in the uh in the Crepes uh you can buy uh cider you can buy sardines uh you can buy some f or cha which are amazing amazing dessert so if you don’t want to stop and eat a crepe and you know sit down and have a whole meal you can go next door and actually sell Crepes that are uh already made so you can take them back to your Airbnb or your rental and then just you know buy some chocolate and put it together yourself this is a great spot I really enjoy that crepe now on to the next [Music] place we are at leure and this is a tiny little shop just around the corner from the archives museum and this is definitely a place you want to know about they sell high-end top quality fresh jams and preserves and things that are made especially by hand all organic except for the sugar uh pieces but it is delightful they have stuff that’s set to go on brunches they have spreads and tonad they have things to go with meats and barbecue it is beyond delicious and if you try some of this stuff oh my God delicious they have apricot with lavender they have champagne and raspberry passion fruit with mango they have a strawberry with Brazil nuts that will just knock your socks off and it’s absolutely delightful it’s great if you want to take it e it here and an amazing thing to bring as a souvenir or a gift back home it’s you need to know about [Music] it that caramel carel is so smooth there’s no grit at all it’s buttery it’s the kind of caramel that’s going to stay with you but it doesn’t stick to your teeth and just really [Music] smooth oh did you buy this did you get this one this is like try this wow that is good the passion fruit still does it for me just [Music] saying a trip to the morray is not complete without checking out this area and it’s understandable why it’s so packed this right here is the heart of the Jewish quarter this has been the Jewish quarter for you know many many you know hundreds of years but this is a very particular flavor here you have the kosher spots you know the Bak and delies and butchers and things all around here but it’s um it’s a part of town worth knowing about they call this thing a tapioca because it’s kind of like a CP made with a tapioca flour but this one they have a vegetarian one this one is chicken and it has corn and tomatoes and avocado and all kinds of stuff inside and a sauce that is so delicious like the flavors are like an explosion I it it’s just so flavorful a cilantro I think is that a jalapeno looks like a tiny piece of jalapeno some red onions like oh my God it’s delicious and coming from south Florida the Brazilian population there this I was looking forward to this one this is my first time eating here it came highly recommended from our friends at Kuma that are just down the street and I’m so glad that they said something because going to a Brazilian place in Paris just didn’t sound right but wow is it good [Music] delicious so in this restaurant you have appetizers you have cheese sticks cheese balls and chicken tenders which are the appetizers and then you get these bowls and the bowl is yes it’s macaroni and cheese and it’s cheddar and macaroni but you never had anything like this it is like baked in the bowl it’s like crispy around the edges I have a Japanese crusted chicken in my bowl with little chopped green onions a caramelized sauce on top I did caramelized onions and there’s a sweet Savory salty sour you can get get it spicy you can get it all kinds of ways they have a Mexican bowl a Parisian with mushrooms all kinds of stuff but like oh my God this is [Music] delicious beautiful I it [Music] down beautiful and this stop is in one of the best chocolate shop in Paris it’s jaina I mean there’s some everywhere but this one for us is special because we got to make chocolate and caramels with him about a year ago now so today I’m trying the Abra caramel which is this thing here this chocolate bar which is a mix of caramel Proline and milk [Music] chocolate oh oh oh this is delicious it’s caramel and crunchy and chocolate and gooey and and crunchy and and the the the caramel explodes it’s like oh this is good see inside you have a little bit of caramel it’s melting in my fingers right now the only problem with this chocolate is if you buy only one you have to share it I have to share the other half with Callie it’s Abra carela because it’s just magical it is so stop here and get at least one and a few other things so ja Jen is in the upper part of Lamar the north part of Lamar close to Republic he has another store on the other side of uh of Paris but if you’re Mar and you’re looking for food you have to make a pit stop right here in this store this store does not look like a chocolate shop it looks like a jewelry shop and the uh the I guess the butler the chocolate Butler that’s there they’re there with white gloves you know carrying these things uh this chocolate is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but oh my God the taste is absolutely [Music] amazing now we’re at Cafe Mulo which is inside Victor Hugo’s house right at the plaz Devo in the South part of the marray this is a particularly luxurious part of LA marray with the gorgeous Square you have the Pavilion de laen you have some of the finest restaurants and things right here but this Cafe in this Courtyard in in the middle of Victor Hugo’s home and of course Victor Hugo is the one who wrote The Hunchback of notrad dam which actually kept the church from being torn down so this is a pretty cool spot right here to be in the middle of literary history and drink champagne cheers and this is a food tour so you can come here and have a coffee and dessert you can have little snacks and things but we chose to have the champagne just to celebrate cuz well we’ve had a lot to eat so far today it’s a great spot to come and get a quiet little corner with a nice little nibble right here at the pl devot this is a classic ice cream shop in Paris and it’s amarino they have amazing ice cream and they have stores all over Paris but this one on is the first one that was ever created with a Charming Decor they offer tons of different flavors always organic with some vegan and glutenfree options and they serve it in the shape of a rose which is always a hit with kids and [Music] grown-ups this is a lime from Sicily and raspberry ice cream from amarino they make it in the shape of a of a flower it’s really delicious really good every time we go to the nraam every time we go to chatet you have to sub Marino before going home now this shop is within walking distance to notredam and the closest metro station is p Mari on line [Music] 7 this ice cream shop is frui and here they make some of the best sorbet we’ve ever had in in our life everything they do in there is fresh is homemade and all of their sorbes is sorbed inside of her fruit so this is mango sorbet oh this is so smooth this incredible it tastes like ice cream but it’s sore back yeah oh my God it it it tastes like pure mango it’s it’s it’s natural it’s it’s it’s light and it’s fluffy almost but it has that that nice texture of real fruit it’s it’s amazing wow this is the the best passion fruit ice cream I ever had ever it’s an explosion you know inside my it’s just excellent it’s ah so pleasant wow what an experience oh it’s really sweet it’s amazing this is next level sore [Music] bag this is glazed ice cream shop in the heart of pigal right down the street from M Sak on R de Mar and this place is amazing now this shop is owned by a couple of parisians and this ice cream shop offers all kinds of organic unique flavors like popcorn and caramel and a jet black ice cream all done without preservative or colloring it’s all 100% natural oh yeah this got a this got a kick to it because it’s lime with raspberry so it’s really interesting if you want something different than plain chocolate and vanilla right here amazing uh flavor even one with CBD so if you had a long day your feet hurt you come and have an ice cream here and have a good time what I’m going to test right now is CBD ice cream this is my first day first experience oh I don’t know what it is oh this is very good may have some more so I’m going to try for the first time black ice cream check this out wow that’s interesting it’s very subdued so it’s really odd black ice cream it’s very smooth very soft very good that’s really good it has almost a not an earthy taste but you can really tell that the the charcoal is there and it tastes a lot like other products I’ve tried with uh with charcoal in it but that is a really really good ice cream this is popcorn ice cream and strangely enough it tastes like popcorn wow that’s really surprising because it’s not like a like a movie theater popcorn it doesn’t have that salty buttery taste but you can really taste the the the popcorn in there it’s amazing it’s it’s it’s really really good and the the caramel that’s in there it goes perfectly together that is really [Music] great so this one is called like Glasser de par we’re in the heart of lare we’re right next to the hotel The Ville notredam is really within 5 minutes and that’s an amazing ice cream [Music] shop wow just excellent and the combination between coconut ice cream and chocolate oh that’s a very good combination M this is good oh yeah it’s like a like a toasted coconut it’s it’s got a a really really nice Aroma yeah and we did right to add the the chocolate in there because the the chocolate with the coconut it’s just a a really amazing flavor yeah that’s where it’s [Music] at [Music] and this is an amazing ice cream shop in Paris called glass aai this ice cream shop is owned by the world champion for pastries Emanuel oron they have two shops in Paris this one in lare near the Metro Station Hotel Deville on line one and another one near LM in M by Metro Abes on line 12 what they have here is not only a standard ice cream cones but also ice cream Gourmet pastries which are are amazing M this is really good and the the presentation is very original this is so good so this is by far the most expensive one we bought today and it’s also by far the best one this is actually ice cream but it’s an ice cream cake this is really good man holy moly that is really good oh wow it’s almost uh I don’t want to you know take away from the the value of all this work but it’s almost like a strawberry shortcake flavor it’s the the vanilla with a little bit of the uh the pastry and the amazing uh uh strawberry flavor that that’s really good that is that’s recommendable [Music] yeah this is an amazing ice cream shop called beron which is the quanten ice cream shop and probably one of the first one in Paris it’s located on City also very close to notam if you’re in the notam area around the Sint and the ice creams here also are homemade so you get high quality ice cream you kind of have to go a little bit out of the way but once you come here you’ll get an amazing ice cream so this is a mango ice cream from ber and it is really really good tast very very creamy and the flavor of the ice cream H this is really good refreshing ice cream excellent flavor you’ll see it everywhere but this is a m [Music] stuff the next ice cream shop is bashier right there and we’re right next to Buu and lout we’re right in the heart of Paris now these ice creams are actually organic they use organic milk and they dip each ice cream in crushed pistachio so it’s a very unique flavor but it’s really awesome this is a great ice cream to have when you are in the pompo center area and the closest metro station to here is Ruto which is right around the corner oh this is good love it and this is gelateria Gro on R mon in the hard of the Leal area this is your typical Italian ice cream so if you’re in a mood for amazing Italian ice cream you go to this ice cream shop you can find one of their four shops around Paris this one near Metro station santier on line 3 they have others near San Jour andot this is a typical Italian ice cream and I took the jja with auts inside this is so good Italian ice cream is so smooth this is good I like [Music] this you weren’t kidding there’s AEL nut in there that’s really good it’s very light yeah that’s that’s real [Music] gelato and this is kak ice cream parlor just M so it’s just a few blocks away from PL detail now this is your typical ice cream shop with all the usual flavors but they are also a great chocolate shop with chocolates from all over the world located on the other side of the Hill from pigal closest metro station near this shop is lar kangur on line 12 that’s the first pistachio ice cream of the day and it doesn’t disappoint good ice cream you should try it there’s the the uh the The Nutty flavor of the pistachio and it’s a bit salty but still sweet an amazing aftertaste really uh really good ice cream very creamy that’s very good and the lady give me some chocolate testing with pistacho because I love chocolate and pistacho together oh yeah that’s go very well and this is more say gka in the heart of M with just actually few steps down from the S now this is your typical ice cream shop offering all the standard flavors in a cone or in a cup and the closest metro station is ABS on line 12 very creamy just like a kind of Italian style and different [Music] taste H that interesting the taste of lavender this is very good with the the honey this is very [Music] interesting M this is very subtle and it actually does taste like lavender I’ve never had that before lavender ice cream yeah the overwhelming flavor is actually really the the honey it’s uh yeah it’s it’s it’s a subtle thing it’s it’s very nice as a as a as a flavor I definitely recommend it so we’re here at Carton and carton is a Workhorse of a place to stop if you’re looking for something to eat in Paris right by gardo so whether you’re coming from the airport heading to the airport London Disney whatever or the major Metro lines it’s right here grab a bite carton is a bonger which you would expect baked goods there so you can get a cup of coffee here and sit outside on the Terrace with your croissant or breakfast pastry you could buy a baguette or a piece of bread to take back to your Airbnb or for lunch they have amazing sandwiches including things like like croak mure croak salmon they have kiche they have salad options vegan options all kinds of stuff so carton is definitely a Top [Music] Choice next on the list is eating a crepe or what the parisians will call is the gallet so the gallet the difference between the crepe and the gallet is a gallet is basically a buckwheat crepe right which is what they have the salty the Savory stuff the ham and cheese and then the crepe this is well have the sugar and lemon and Nutella this is right next to the ABS Metro station and you have to walk all the way to sakri and then you’ll find all these little crappies that are going to be along the way so we just ate at one you can either sit down which is still fast food cuz you know well you can sit and eat fast or you can grab it on the go and then just eat it and as you’re walking all the way to CYO if you have a salty GP is going to cost you between 10 to 15 and then a sweet crepe will be between 5 to 10 so we’re here in just a little square a little Park in merart not on sacur but in the town right up the street is PL pigal and if you don’t know about pigal that’s where the Mulan Rouge and the fancy Vegas Style dancing places are and we got some food at sheay Cleopatra because mad is a very International place you’ve got Indian restaurants a lot of Med Eastern things but we went to shake Cleopatra because it came very highly recommended and I wanted to try the tacos [Music] it’s actually very good and it actually tastes like a tortilla they have lots of other options too you could get a panini a kebab which actually is a sandwich not a kebab that we know it but it’s a really good spot that you can grab something a little bit exotic on the go for somewhere in the neighborhood of like $10 to $15 you can either grab something quick and easy to go or get a whole menu [Music] we’re here at citro bone which is spelled different but it’s a good play on word because it means it’s very good and I’ve heard that this place is awesome and I’m really excited to be here because I love Asian food we’re right in the heart of Paris we’re just across the bridge from notredam we’re right by the hotel DeVille which is a great Plaza and they have amazing things on the menu [Music] okay so how you eat a n in French take a piece of crisp lettuce like this and then you put your n in it and then you put one leaf of uh or two leaves of mint you wrap it up good you dip it in the N sauce in my 32 years in the US I’ve never had a NM that tasted that good I’m sorry even in New [Music] York leom is a classic Parisian beastro for locals they have surprisingly affordable sandwiches to go for under €1 and good quick meals to eat with a glass of wine or beer [Music] it’s a short walk from the Opera Lou and just around the corner from plaz vome and the r [Music] Hotel this place is a must for a true Parisian [Music] experience [Music] we’re in the uh outskirts of L in a place called marou and it’s a market where you get a lot of food stores you can buy food to go like sandwiches Moroccan uh they also have their standard fruit and vegetable uh stand uh you can also have a uh tea um mint tea and a cup of coffee this place is like a food court you know they have all the regular Market stuff you know the fish seller and the produce Sellers and all of that kind of stuff but it’s like a food court because you can get burgers you can get Asian I found this Moroccan place um that smells amazing and you can grab a cup of coffee have a seat they’ve got big seating areas with tables and stuff so it feels more like a food court than a market but it’s still a market where you can do grocery shopping and it’s pretty cool yeah it’s a great spot highly recommended [Music] so we found this really cute little hole in the wall I don’t know if anybody else knows about it cuz it seems pretty new but it’s called it’s hoay but I’m going to call it huray h re apostrophe and it’s right between the hotel Deville and notredam and they are adorable in there they have all kinds of sandwiches croak mazour wraps all kinds of little things like that and macarons you can get a coffee and a pen chakala or chocolate croissant for 260 like what a [Music] [Music] bing I happen to love Mid Eastern food and Shea lionet came really highly recommended with lots of stars on Google so I had to try it here we go and that is one crispy crispy shell with a lot of flavorful stuff in there this is a ground lamb with amazing sauce salad items and the the ground lamb with seasoning and it’s just cumin cinnamon I don’t know what all is in there but God this is good and it is right on a pretty touristic street because you know we’re close to Notre Dam in the Latin quarter there’s tons of souvenir shops just a really fun place to walk around and you can get an amazing lunch for under 10 bucks it’s like I think it was $8 or six for this one but you can get them for 8 10 bucks and it’s absolutely amazing and I might have to go back and get some of that bakov out too so that’s good stuff oh man this is good you just grabb one of those those for like8 bucks you got a great meal on the go you know food and you can walk and keep visiting Paris so maon Isabel is close to Notre Dame and the Latin quarter and they have amazing [Music] food for under €10 you can get a classic French sandwiches or kiche or a beverage and something sweet this is a great place to get something for a picnic launch around the river San in front of Notre [Music] Dame bow and me has multiple locations including one at Lou and one near pompo they offer kishes pre-made salad and sandwiches including traditional Crook mure and a honey go cheese croak that Grill on [Music] site you can get a formula meal with a beverage sandwich and something sweet for under €10 and eat it on site or at a nearby [Music] Plaza so we found this really great place called Rosie Smokehouse and if you’re in Paris and you’re looking for a little bite of American food or if you just want something great to eat Rosies has amazing barbecue ribs Smokehouse Brisket Burgers they have nachos mac and cheese so it’s a good flavor of America but also just downright good food and great beer great Mojitos and it’s a lot of fun right here in the Latin quarter right around the corner from notredam and you’re just going to love [Music] it so for this street food we went to Grand EP and inside Le Mar and they have a food store with tons of stuff you can eat uh Chinese sandwiches jeon be and everything but what I wanted to eat was a cro mure and their COC mure looks absolutely amazing check this out so cro mure think uh grilled cheese grilled cheese sandwich except that it’s got French bread uh ham cheese and then sometime bishal which is a cream sauce and this one’s got truffle butter so I can’t wait to sink my teeth in it and give it a shot oh God this is good it’s a cold day in Paris today between 35 and 40° today it’s a little cold it’s nice to have a warm sandwich like that on a cold day this is absolutely delightful the bread the ham the cheese everything is this is really good we bought the food and then we took it to a little Park which is right behind the uh The Bu Mar and you just sit and enjoy your caer your sandwich whatever you’re ordering there and have a picnic with your sweetheart and then you eat it and then you can keep on visiting [Music] this I love Truffles and this one has truffle butter it’s like a sour dough bread with the bashal sauce with truffle butter and ham and it’s just crispy and like that Crispy Crunchy cheese on the outside crispy cheese sometimes when I think of street food I think of things like pizza hot dogs Burgers things on the go and I often think of international flavors but French street food like the jambon be the Crips this cro mure the quality is amazing the flavors just dance together it’s it’s awesome by the way it’s only €6 or you can get the whole formula with a drink a dessert and the sandwich for under 10 bucks what a bgin [Music] it’s so light so fluffy it’s like the flavor of an apple with the texture of whipped cream it’s just [Applause] amazing good [Music] stuff the lightness of a croissant a hint of nutmeg a little gooey cheese and French ham that’s good stuff that is one good inexpensive lunch okay okay a croissant with cheese warm cheese bamal and hem in it is just I mean it’s great smart simple street food we’re in a bakery called laa literally across the river from uh nor so you can buy this food here go in eat on the same river on a little bench right in front of noram or you eat it inside or you just take it and take a stroll to Shakespeare which is right up the street so it’s really a great stuff is so good finger [Music] food I understand why Anthony bden loves this place because oh my God this is good check this out this one is a Tara flet Burger which is their flavor of the day which means it has roblon cheese uh it has potato chips potatoes because that’s basically a tarlet is potato and cheese bacon so we’ve got big pieces of bacon and it’s just gooey and fabulous fabulous and it comes with the fries I know Americans call these french fries French people call them fre and I’m just happy to eat [Music] them oh my God this is an amazing hamburgers it’s a it’s a great stop because you can have an amazing hamburgers this was for the menu which was the hamburger the french fries and a drink it’s €13 which is very affordable for Paris and you have an amazing meal I mean this thing is delicious and it’s not made with just cheddar cheese or just it’s made with roon cheese it’s a special menu item that they have and it’s got bacon and onion and everything this thing is good that’s a great burger man oh you can get it with blue cheese with Buffalo with barbecue sauce this is really amazing great burger man it’s [Music] amazing this street food is from K koson and K koson mean pigs but bagette ham and cheese jambon B and I’m just going to take a bite to it because this is this is my childhood this is amazing this is I think the original street food of France this is what we had before they came up with all kinds of other street food but this is [Music] awesome the crunch of French baguette with ham and cheese and butter was absolutely delightful oh this is good this is my chocolate one of the things that’s really cool about the Cuda Kush is the quality of their meat it’s a traditional ovar shop so this ham doesn’t taste like any ham you ever had in the US and it’s really cool to get a sandwich and E it here in the Square so in K Kos what they have is what they call the formula or the formul it’s is basically it’s a sandwich a dessert and a beverage and it was like €1 for all that so it’s really affordable and you have a great meal and the Musa shukura is absolutely amazing it’s a great dessert so a bottle of water Musa shukura and a sandwich for €10 you find a uh park bench that you have all over Paris and you’re all set so that’s the dessert that comes with it is have homemade chocolate mousse like for €10 with a sandwich oh God this is good this are great this is homemade this actually tastes like chocolate very Rich yeah this is real chocolate this is really good M oh God it’s a chocolate mousse but it’s got pieces of chocolate in it a little crunchy in it this is really delightful that’s good stuff the quality of the sandwich and the quality of this chocolate mousse it’s not worth sitting down somewhere else to get it sitting in a lovely Square having a little picnic with my darling and that that’s good [Music] stuff [Music] he [Music] [Music] what did you say yeah I don’t know how they put all those flavor together and have it still taste light but it’s minty lemony garlicky oniony I don’t know how they did it but oh my God I’m so glad I got [Music] this and taboule is a traditional uh like a regional salad primarily with parsley I’m so happy eating here I love that [Music] might taste F so happy I don’t know what’s in this but really good that’s really good this is really yummy I like the sof in this it’s chicken something this is really good I love that it’s $99.90 for this sandwich the three L beet and then uh and then a drink I mean it’s like for 10 year hour you have an amazing meal it’s great street food you can take this on the go we just chose to sit right here inside and eat it and there’s a great square like literally down the street right there where you can sit and eat it and go to a bar have a beer and that’s really cool we moved down I think is the street where you have the most street food in Paris well at least from my vantage point [Music] so this is the Romy Schneider grape that’s what they call it it’s a famous uh French actress it’s absolutely delicious but all these grapes will actually s you about like €1 uh which is about like 12 13 bucks so it’s really a great meal for not a lot of money and you’re absolutely delicious this CP is called the cocoa Chanel it’s a buck wheat crepe with some special kind of ham goat cheese a little bit of fig sauce and honey and Thyme and it is [Music] extraordinary I’m having another [Music] bite it’s cold outside tonight but I can just imagine take taking this one to go having it folded up wrapped up and taking it downstairs on the river by the sand looking up at notredam having a picnic that’s got flavor it’s got charm and of course we’re right by S [Music] Melle so now we’re having Greek food from however you say this place right here and we chose to get the spinach pie and a little it’s not an empanada it’s a little fried thing and some bakaba and I’m just going to call it finger food and dig right in and that looks delicious this is a family-owned business and the food here is all homemade and these people know what they’re doing because that spinach pie is amazing of course in Paris I love French food because well you know for some reason they do a great job at it but you know it’s nice to mix it up a little bit and uh Greece is not far from here so we have a lot of Greeks in Paris and they do amazing food and this place is actually all homemade you can actually see it when you walk in in the store it’s kind of like a mom and pop shop but apparently their food is amazing so I’m going to give it a shot oh yeah this is good that this is a Greek grandma that made some food so this is Awesome by the way this is like just five bucks it’s an amazing meal and literally across the street or the arena of Lutes which are the old Roman gladiator Arenas that are right in the heart of Paris and we’re sitting right here it’s absolutely an amazing spot now this little gem has feta cheese and I don’t know what else is in here but it looks and smells incredible so let’s take a [Music] bite that is flaky and crusty it tastes almost like a really high quality biscuit and it has this cheesy yogurty delicious stuff inside this is great as a street food because this is three bucks it’s actually really delicious you grab a bottle of water and this and off you go so this ladies and gentlemen is a gorgeous homemade bak laava and if you’re not familiar with baklava this is layers and layers of Pho dough with chopped up nuts usually some Walnut but looks like there may be some pistachio in here and honey and just yummy goodness and I can’t wait to take a bite it is dripping in [Music] honey I’m so glad I had the box underneath did I mention this is ripping with honey and it’s good just a few and so satisfying so good it’s actually more cinnamony than I’m used to and I like it this is really good really delicious take it [Music] out I love Ms it’s always one of my go-to food when I with Chinese [Music] delicious that one was amazing that one was some kind of pork really soft and tender and chewy and so very flavorful that’s good stuff really good Chinese right next to Lor Garden this is where locals eat small Street not touristic but great food if you’re right in the lur left B come right [Music] here this is again a family-owned place where they know how to cook would they do best grandma taught them how to do [Music] this this is really interesting cuz they offered us to have a crepe and it was like a crepe in a Chinese restaurant but it’s like pork and rice wrapped up in some Chinese crepe and it’s very delicious actually it’s a great idea as a street food cuz you can’t grab this on the go and eat it it’s just like really surprising I’ve never eaten a Chinese crepe with pork and rice it’s a Franco Chinese crepe love it it’s really really interesting that’s interesting and delightful it actually tastes more Thai than Chinese but I guess that’s the Franco Chinese version of a crib our first stop today is Cafe Nano and this is close to invalids close to the Museum of Roda and it is just a tiny little gem off the Beaten Track with amazing homemade [Music] food this is a Charming little hole in the wall just as a as can be with obviously Street side seating and they don’t have a set menu like they’re going to hand you a menu the menu is written on a Blackboard and they have close to the same stuff all the time like I got the vegetarian kiche which was amazing and every day they have a vegetarian option may not be the kiche but the food here is absolutely delicious and it’s just charming and they speak English [Music] now for our second stop we’re going to go and have some of the best chocolate and caramel in Paris you ready oh yeah let’s [Music] go and for you so this is a uh butree mango passion fruit typical French and it’s beautiful oh this is amazing what I came here for is a chocolate because jao chocolate it’s a whole different level and you have a lot of chocolate shops in Paris a lot of names and everything but Jack Jena is a is an artist and we featured him in a video when we got to go in his lab and this is why I come back here because if you want some fine chocolate some of the best chocolate in Paris Jac J is the address so this is a rochet so I remember this from my childhood because I I I love this it’s filled with Prine and everything let me give it a shot oh this is good yeah it’s it’s milk chocolate Prine they have it in dark chocolate too this is a pricey piece of chocolate but it’s worth it it’s so good so this if you’re in San come to the store order that chocolate it’s amazing ja Jina is a must job you know if you’re a chocolate lover in the San area he does obviously chocolate he’s a chocolate uh artist uh he also does amazing caramel and a p fre but when we went to a shop we tried the caramel and I did not know I thought caramel was caramel but they do all kinds of caramel we got the passion fruit the mango passion fruit caramel which is a whole different level so we uh we got that today in addition to a praline and I’m going to give it a shot this is really really good look at that this is a mango passion fruit caramel and we did that with him in his uh Workshop oh my God this is so good like last time my mouth is buttering it’s so good holy moly honestly this is amazing Pit Stop really cool and I’m having the ginger caramel which is amazing and now we’ve had the sweets we’re going to go get something a little bit Savory so let’s go to the next stop [Music] look at that one of the places you need to know about in Paris is the fery or cheese shop and this little stop here has amazing flavors all kinds of different cheeses a whole section of goat cheese sheep cheese Cow Cheese and all kinds of good stuff so let’s go find something [Music] yummy [Music] you’re going to find those bonger Eric Kaiser everywhere in Paris that’s not what we’re stopping today but they’re decent not the best just decent we’re going someplace [Music] else so the next up was a local bonger and we uh found this little bonger which is delightful by the way you have a whole bunch of chain bonger in uh Paris like Kaiser and Paul their products are okay and it’s great if you’re in a train station but the best things in San or the neighborhoods is a local little bonger cuz they have amazing P Chaka andas my favorite is p Chaka that’s that’s the best way to stri today so let’s give it a [Music] shot that’s good stuff you know you can taste like good quality butter it’s consistent it’s a good pone Chaka a good pone Chaka should be flaking up like [Music] that [Music] the next stop on this food tour is right here at viandas De salaman and I know you’re going to say it’s not French it’s Spanish Iberian but Spain and France are neighbors and French people adore this you can get some fresh sliced Siberian ham you can buy a SCE sa you can get all kinds of stuff including a formula sandwich but what we got today is this little baby right here a little cone of sa bites which are amazing just a little piece of deliciousness and oh my God the quality is phenomenal and if you want a little protein pickme up while you’re running through the day grab a little cone of those share them or not you can get a sandwich whatever but this is an amazing little spot on the left [Music] thing I love those those a great little snack when you’re hungry and you’re walking a lot you need a little protein uh injection look at that little cornet the light bul this is good it’s awesome I really love this [Music] the next stop is meon fanin which is a little Bakery here ruboy and they have fantastic stuff and what we chose to get today is the T natur So nature is like plain I could have got it with chocolate but I like it just like that I don’t know if you’ve ever seen these anywhere else I’ve never seen them outside of France but just like a really really thin cookie with almond inside buttery yummy and awesome so let’s just walk and eat this thing on our way to the next come on next we’re going to go stop in one of our favorite Cafe in the San area we’re going to have a coffee we’re going to have a drink and we’re going to do uh some people watching let’s go [Music] this is one of our favorite Cafe in San Shaman because it’s just a little bit off of the main drag um but it’s amazing place to get a quick cup of coffee or get a drink or whatever you’re in the mood for and get amazing people watching just people walking in the street the Louis Ron store is right around the corner and we’re actually right around the corner from Cafe to floor but we don’t go there cuz it’s we think it’s overpriced and overly touristic and that’s so cliche so we just come here to this little cafe La bonapart right in this corner the little church right there it’s awesome and we sit not in the street but just a little bit inside they open everything up and you get to see everybody walking by it’s just an awesome Spot Great Coffee a drink whatever you want to have and voila now you’re a [Music] Parisian [Music] so we’re here at Risha which is a small family business three generations of making chocolates and macarons and the macarons here I’ve heard are phenomenal it’s my first time trying it and let’s take a [Music] bite and it’s like you’re breathing in the smell a rose into your case Buds and then there’s the tiny little hint of grapefruit which is just a hint of citrus but not sharp and it is oh my God delicious vishar is just around the corner from Cafe defl Cafe bonapart easy to get to and you’re going to want to stop [Music] here and I got the uh I don’t know what they call it the Nutella flavor cuz I love Nutella you could put Nutella on anything oh oh yeah hazelnut chocolate this is really good it’s crunchy on the outside really soft from the inside they’re not mass-produced this is a local they have one store in Paris this is a local Chef that is making his macaron so it’s really really good quality I love that so the rose and pineapple one was so delicious I had to go back and try another one so my second choice was coconut and oh my God this one it’s not crispy on the outside like the first one but this is as the uh lady in the shop says it’s like a little hug inside when you take a bite and I think she’s right it’s just like a hug I want to try I want to try oh yeah this is [Music] good and right here is probably one of the oldest restaurant in Paris called the pup it was founded in 1686 can you imagine they’ve been serving coffee here since 1686 [Music] this stop is the paradise def fruit and I never stopped here for all of the Decades that I’ve been coming here because I thought it was very touristic it’s not it’s fabulous it’s fruit it’s vegetarian and they have great desserts so let’s go [Music] so now we’re here at the paradise of fruit right at the plaza at the fountain s Michelle and just across from this little church over here and I chose this place because sometimes when you’re running around you got all this heavy stuff bread and everything you just want something light fruity and especially on hot summer days a nice smoothie this place has great vegetarian dishes not all vegetarian but a lot of vegetarian but we’re here today having a smoothie so [Music] cheers this stop is one more place I probably would not have gone to except it’s kind of excellent It’s called ler gut which means the last drop it’s a little wine store you can go in and just buy a bottle of wine just to take on your picnic bring it home with your Shak cutry and whatnot but they also have a wine class in English where you can go inside for €70 you get to try five Reds two whites sit in a little room in the back and I know there are other tours that bring people here bring in your own shut Tre cheese and things and sit in a little room in the back and it’s kind of cool so that’s a great spot to know about when you’re here on the Left Bank [Music] this stop is about having a little Sharry board and a glass of wine at the end of the day like you’ve been sseeing around you come right here you got the conery across the street Notre Dam a little bit up samish sha which is right around the corner uh this is a little gem in Paris hidden Place little cafe that only locals go to most of the people in there are parisians you’re not going to break the bank it’s not aage expensive and you have yourself a great a great little Board of Sharkie tree some cheese and a glass of wine and that is a great way to end the [Music] day this is the first step of how food tour in s and we’re going to try and beginning with the pan cha look like a cant The Taste is very very close but this one is with chocolate take a big piece yeah more crunchy I’m going to leave the chocolate one for Antoine this is amazing so a pound Chaka is half butter half chocolate another half of croissant that makes it three halves but it’s so good that you can go with three it doesn’t matter so excellent It’s wow this is good this Bakery to wonderful oh yes smell is so all this collection of pastries typical French today we call them Yen yri come from the the world Vienna the city in Austria and Austrian Beaker came in Paris and they do realize this past and now we call we still call them yri with this Austria influence so Austrian brought the cant to France yeah yeah okay but we make it a little bit different by today so now this is a typical and iconic [Music] [Laughter] vieno very good I’m in heaven it’s very good in France we have a a cup of coffee and we’ll dip the croissant in it into the coffee yeah into coffee and then we had it Dunkin Donuts but dun croissant good huh and by the way you know it’s like a lot of people say oh the French with the croissant and how do you stay so skinny with all this food we don’t eat this every day no this is an Indulgence I would yeah you would well when when you’re an American you’re visiting Paris yes you should have a CA every day but we don’t eat that it’s a it’s a Sunday thing Sundays weekend weekend weekend it’s an Indulgence yeah it’s crunchy and light not squished very good Mona Mo I do love you just like antoon I like the crispy inake that out so next we’re going to see a little secret Street in Paris of the 17 and 16 and 17th centuries follow me that [Music] way so we’re going to try different kinds of uh olive oil first of all so this one is really buttery very creamy yes yeah yeah yeah you should drink it yes exactly this one is great like to drizzle when you’re done with you’re cooking like if you want to add some taste you like black olive it’s a great uh way to try it so olive oil Shooters Sal vodka yes yeah I never you never think you would be drinking uh olive oil and it’s amazing isn’t it yes it’s actually very very good for your health peppery side to it see see thank you oh it smells completely different yeah lighter it’s very different oh tastes very different mhm oh yeah I like this one better really yeah the first one was um this one is smooth maybe yeah very good I like it okay perfect so this one is very young very green very young and the younger it is the stronger it will be oh it is very green flavor very green right wow tastes amazing I I like that one the best yeah no I’ve never tasted that before I would definitely get that now I’m going to let you try so it’s white bamc vinegar to add a little taste Lees peaches no no CL CL Clementine yeah no it’s it’s a citrus but it’s gra exactly oh yeah good job good job very good this is an experience is this what is this it’s a sweet spread so it’s very different than the thing we’ve tried before it’s actually speciality that you found in sicil it’s a pistachio cream we call it the Supreme the pistach somewhere between peanut butter and hummus but with the Elegance with some I mean the pistachio flavor is very evident very smooth it’s very smooth it’s just uh not too sweet crunch tree a little bit with some pie of pistachio inside pistachios pistachio like you have cooked pistachios inside oh roasted nice what do you think about that that is like nothing I’ve ever Ted absolutely exactly very and that little pot is only $10.9 yes we’re bringing some home today yes yes absolutely wow wow exactly that’s a word I was not expecting that yeah that put you cannot ever eat peanut butter after that no you can’t you can’t it’s just you can’t describe that to somebody they have to try yeah oh this is yeah put that on toast yeah oh this is good oh we’re yeah we’re taking one we’re buying one oh yeah [Music] perfect okay so now we’re going to Across the the Boulevard and we’re going to go to the market the Old Market and we’re going to find specialties from [Music] Friends very nice oh this is nice this is nice very goodish well the next we’re going to make a short stop to the Shak [Music] tree [Music] okay okay watch this is very very open that’s what we just [Music] what enjoy guys you see the real color of the wine [Music] okay that ham it’s really smooth you know sometimes it can be very salty it’s salty but not very salty and it is yummy like you can just take taste that it’s fine and drink and have pleasure to drink your wine I can’t turn it like that I’ll be wearing it if I I I can do it on the table you can do on the table a little bit on the table if you more comfortable so this is good yeah this is very fresh refreshing refreshing wine [Music] yeah oh immediately I feel the Citrus in the wine I got I got lemon now I feel like I’m in France I’m just eating cheese yeah cheese out of yeah exactly it spreads like cream cheese but I don’t think it’s going to taste like cream cheese mm but it’s amazing you know what’s funny with a goat cheese in France it’s always surprising to me how light it is how smooth it is the flavor is very subtle because I have goat cheese in the US and it’s you know overpowering flavor this isn’t that if this is something that you wouldn’t normally try in the US I’m going to suggest that you try it in France you know take a creamy version of whatever that is you know whe it’s a blue cheese a goat cheese or something because you can get really mild subtle flavors that are [Music] extraordinary together is extraordinary and to the yumminess of [Music] France I’m not we had k at the beginning of the this [Music] is so we got some cheese we got some bread a little s some dessert and now we found a little Park just tucked away like you can find all over Paris and we’re going to eat it and we got this little half size baguette and we had them cut up a little bit of so and we got some comp all cut up and the come is anan’s favorite and that little piece of goat cheese oh yeah if you tell them it’s for a picnic they’ll cut it up for you they’ll cut up the cheese for you grab a little piece of bread just a traditional baguette I’ll take a little piece of comp you can get 6 months 12 months 18 months this is 24mon old cheese oh my God it’s as smooth as butter there’s nothing grainy about it it’s subtle and intense at the same time it’s a very profound flavor oh it’s good and I like my sa Sal sliced really thin that’s nice I got to try some goat cheese on here that’s a very mild goat cheese that’s very nice it’s very firm it’s it’s very dense but this is the same one that they use they cut in half and put it in a a Chev show or a hot GOI salad but that is dense firm and subtle and mild and it’s delicious oh this is fine very mild very soft it’s not an overpowering cheese this coton CH is not strong flavored at all that little from rer where we went it’s really excellent this is a lemon mering pie and it got messed up a little bit here this was absolutely beautiful oh [Music] this this is it the Mera sof the the the the tanginess of the lemon it comes with an after bite that is like delightful aulet sweet oh this is amazing I don’t think you’re going to like it Con I think I should eat it all I don’t think so I think you got to hand it over all right oh this is good it’s my turn again it’s subtle I don’t know if it’s the heat with that mering it’s almost like um I don’t know I was going to say whipped cream but it doesn’t taste like whipped cream let me see like it’s very light it’s not a crispy mering and the tart is very custardy a little bit tart it’s a crumbly little crust with that custardy filling that’s a little bit tart and it’s the mering isn’t too sweet and it’s not Bland it definitely has some flavor to it but it’s uh it’s very soft and marvelous delicious since it’s falling apart I better hurry up and take bites and get rid of it [Music] take me somewhere with a fabulous View and a bottle of something okay and this is Basher ice cream so if you’re looking for an amazing ice cream I would definitely recommend the stop here it’s not a food stop today but if you want ice cream I can go [Music] there this stop is l p and they have excellent bread of course but we’re stopping in today to get a little special sweet treat that you can’t find everywhere else in Paris so let’s go grab it look they have these things it’s a New York roll it’s like a c man but like dipped with chocolate or pistachio they call it a New York roll so this is our New York roll and she cut it in half so we could split it so I have to give Antoine part of the thing that has some chocolate also but we learned that there is cream filling inside so that’s part of what makes it different than aan aan doesn’t have that that’s a roll that is cream filed Donuts are a thing of the past I’ve only seen the New York rolls in a couple of places they look exactly like the C man that you’ll find in other places it looks just like that only dipped but it’s kind of is and it kind of isn’t and it’s good I’m happy yeah this will definitely be a repeat so I don’t think I’ve ever tried this one and then when I was talking with uh with the baker yeah I asked her if it was a kunyan she says it’s not but I would say it’s a a kunam man’s cousin and if you don’t know what aaman is you got to look at our breakfast pastry video and you’ll see what it is but I basically said this is they called this a New York roll So I says this is the New York cousin of the Bron kunam let’s give it a shot oh this is so good again it’s not too sweet oh man you cannot eat a donut after that I mean it’s game over you would expect this to be like really sweet but it’s not it’s not too buttery not too sweet it’s just right exactly the restaurant with a beautiful view is right there where’s a great little pit stop right here just for a drink or a pastry let’s go grab a drink at the rele come [Music] on o la la see Chin Chin my [Music] darling a perfect way to relax in M after walking all about is a cup of champagne [Music] cheers we’re here at Kuma again in the morray this one is Japanese and oh my God it’s delicious Antoine had the karagan which is a fried car caramelized chicken with rice and vegetables in a bowl and I had the karagi curry which is very similar to Antoine’s dish except mine has that sauteed caramelized Chicken on top of rice with a curry sauce and I got mine with the boiled egg option which you have to [Music] do and we started the meal with some saki which just made it that much more festive and the dishes here are between 10 and which makes it pretty affordable and delicious the closest metro station tokuma is Hotel DeVille or St Paul station we watch people lining up here for takeout in addition to us getting it here obviously you can eat in because well we did but we also watched a lot of people line up for takeout from the window street food style and you can get delivery and let’s face it the morray is a great place to walk off any meal with ing streets and shops everywhere we’re here at Street Bangkok which is technically in the AL but it’s just across the street from the morray and we’re just blocks away from the etan Marcel Metro station which is on line 4 and we came here because this Thai restaurant was highly recommended by the locals and we wanted to find out what it’s all about and we got the Padu with chicken and the ginger lemonade which is to die for figure for lunch anywhere from 10 to2 um we spent 1450 and we were very satisfied and as with all of the restaurants we chose today you can eat in take out or get it delivered if you’re in an Airbnb or at your [Music] hotel it was definitely worth coming here today we’re here at Shay Zoo still in the morray and we’re close to the Arts and medier Metro station we are deep in the heart of what must be some Chinese town here because this is very authentic Asian and we picked this place with a couple of mentions from locals but really because of the number of stars on Google and the number of reviews and that all of the pictures had Asian people eating here in fact what we’re hearing in the restaurant is the primary language is Chinese including from the diners now when you’re here you can eat in but you can also get take out delivery and you can grab quick stuff on the fly or have a full meal we ordered The Gua dumplings and the beef soup which is kind of like a faux pot and the food here is typical of the wzo area of China and let me tell you it’s good the beef in the beef soup just melts in your mouth it’s so [Music] tender this is a very basic cafeteria style order to go or sit down in order you can get items on the menu here from like 650 you know up to 18 but you can get a lot of them and that’s 6 to 10 6 to 12 EUR range and let me tell you this is not touristic at all this place is authentic Chinese for locals and really for Asian locals the food here is awesome affordable and I highly recommend it they have a smoked sausage they have cheese sausage they have white sausage so that’s exactly what I needed it’s not a um hot dog bun it’s a real half baguette sliced in half warm crunchy with the sausage the smoked sausage and onion that is really good that was 10 bucks for the sausage and French bread Christmas food is usually a little expensive but it’s like that sweet soft feeling of the onions with that really Smoky meaty thing and then the crispiness of a French baguette like it’s a good [Music] combination all I got myself a racket Bowl that’s very interesting they put potatoes on the Neath Ham on the [Music] side M wow this is not good for my diet but this is really good good uh-oh it’s going to drip it’s going to drip the thing to drink with ret is white wine and actually the worst thing you could drink is water they said don’t drink water with racket because the water with the cheese is going to create a situation oh look at this [Music] oh cheers to you now my good friend James from Spain revealed always brags about the churos in Spain that they’re the best and everything so I’m going to have to you know try it here and um and then we’re going to have to settle it he’s going to have to invite me to Spain and I’m going to have to try the churos over there to see if they are as good as they are in Paris I doubt it challenge accepted Frenchie I shuros yeah yeah with chocolate Jesus Christ now see my so the beautiful thing with this Christmas Market is right next to the TR and there are chairs and places you can sit down the Moment of Truth the churos from Paris they give you a little can of Nutella oh man going to be messy that is going to be messy I’m going to dip it in [Music] Nutella I have no idea how the churros of Spain from Spain revealed are going to stack up to that I don’t think they can I mean it’s an official challenge oh yeah look at that look at that look at that look at that dig and some Nutella oh honey I would share if we had enough but I’m afraid that we’re a little chice we walked right into champagne so let’s go see what they have have all around the Christmas Market so I’m not just starting with champagne why can’t you just start with champagne cuz I want to meet the rest of the day o look at this oh yeah those are nice sausage I see a sausage with my name on it yeah and put that play So since we’re going to eat a lot of different things today we’re going to start off e e miss you okay yeah yeah we’re going to start off by splitting this sausage sandwich on baguette with onions check that out ah yeah oh yeah we got crispy bread with onions and sausage yeah is it good show me the inside that is delicious it’s deceptively light look at that big piece of potato yeah that’s potatoes and herbs and to go with the sausage we got this tarlet which is basically potatoes and onions and bacon or lens in a creamy sauce ttif flet is a great winter dish now that’s a bite the drooling legs of the potato and bacon and cheese that’s right all right for me it’s a cold day today in Paris it’s in uh we’re in the um upper 30s low 40s I me tell you this is exactly what the best food to eat last year we got a Scargo here and I don’t see them this year but I do see something really amazing right over here I need one so now it’s time for something a little bubbly how far do we have to go I don’t know I don’t know you’ve been teasing me with this blond blond blond blond blond blond we’re going to have some blonde blond champagne which means this is a white champagne made with white grapes they’re opening the bottle for us which is fabulous it’s my favorite sound yeah if you can’t have champagne in a market I won’t say why go but if you can why not and we saved the macarons to have with the champagne so what flavor is that that is a cring macaron with a little bit of cinnamon and crunchiness to it and this one the reason it didn’t squish up in my pocket is because this one is a hard coat thing to go with all of the preline with the prelin that’s amazing look at this cup of champagne we’re in pleas zabz M over there in the middle of Mount happy Holidays and Merry Christmas here we have a little crusty bread with some yummy Pate to go with my champagne and well how happy can a girl be I can taste just how fresh this is it’s delicious and mostly it tastes like [Music] more oh they have the candy remember that every year the candy but it doesn’t look like he oh he does have the little roasting thing over here like how do you how do you know they’re fresh say well that’s Super Fresh [Music] FR she oh oh that looks good I’m just going to snack on them while we walk if you don’t mind come on where are we going now where are you taking me well let’s go to the sjain market sanj yeah we’re going to take Christmas Market yeah we’re going to take the metro to the sjain market come on let’s go how’s that for timing yeah that’s awesome my love love a good empty Metro we’re right here across the street is the braser lip right here is Cafe defl and we’re just about a block away from the dumo which are the three classic places where poets and writers and philosophers hung out in the S gerain area and just up here is the Christmas Market of course we yeah is that almond almond whe yeah it’s classical tradition only Al oh yeah it’s somewhere between like a like an almond brittle and a and anoa so basically what aooga is it’s a mering with an almond flour or almond stuff and then they put nuts in it and sugar and then they flavor it however they want like tropical fruits pistachios almonds Citrus whatever you put it’s not a cheap thing but it is a delicious thing and it’s for me it’s Christmas in Paris all right I’ll have um a small pieces of of ntin it’s um finish yish finish finish um Finland from Finland no no really ah it’s finished it’s the last piece yeah the last piece it’s a caramel and the P almond Jaa okay Sal caramel almond and pean that is correct with honey because all of them are with honey I piz that one [Music] too bye if you like this video next I would watch this one with the must try winter foods from [Music] France

100 Paris Street Food Locations! (Cheap Eats & MORE) - Dining and Cooking (2024)


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